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Dots and Stripes McCall's 7531

Happy Sunday 
So I picked up this fabric a few months ago at Joann's Fabric. I was in love because of the dots. Then I got to the cutting carton and realized the dots were on the wrong side of the fabric and only formed by the stripes on the other side.
But I didn't care still bought it. I've had this McCall's pattern for a while but doing to it needing a four way stretch fabric, I had to wait. Most my knit fabric are 2 way. This fabric is awesome 4 way stretch.

The pattern goes to well, I made XL. I decided to add a neckband instead of turning under.  I made View B with the slit from D tho. It's a good simple pattern. 

My intentions was to make this dress with McCalls 7722 View D, but the fabric wasn't the right one for this fabric, although this fabric has a lot of stretch it is still structured and the sleeve ended up looking real 80's balloon sleeve, and that's not what I wanted. 

I will try the sleeve again in a light weight fabric with drape. However the sleeve was so big, I was able to cut out the original McCall's 7531 and it was good to go.

Well that's it for today....

Until next time Sew on!

McCall's 7531 

McCall's 7531 Neckline

McCall's 7531 Sleeves

McCall's 7531 Sleeves

McCall's 7531 Slit

Finally found me a boat neck pattern, I love The Gable Top by Jennifer Lauren

So I've been searching high and low for a boat neck pattern, for a knit, with a fitted bodice. I've found tutorials on how to make one on an existing pattern or free hand but not a pattern. Last week on instagram one of the fabric stores, Minerva crafts, posted a photo of one of their bloggers who had made a dress out of this pattern. And I had to have it.

The pattern is 11.00 dollars which isn't to much, not the cheapest but not the most expensive I have seen for indie patterns. And I really wanted this pattern, and will use it a million times, because this my favorite neck line.
So I feel it was worth the investment. It does come with a copy shop formatted version, but somebody just printed at work.... lol.

It was pretty quick putting together, I did like how the sleeves have different pattern pieces so you can just print with option you want. I printed everything at once. I wanted a center back seam so I did a seam allowance and did not cut the back on the fold. I sorta which I hadn't cut the center back seam, just due to how the flowers are by the back seam, but it doesn't look to bad. Center back seams lay better on me, so I prefer them.

I believe its a great pattern, she has a couple more patterns I would like but they are not in the budget right now, so I will look out for a sale or something.

Overall this pattern is a win win for me. No regrets

I cut a size 18, and guess what didn't have to do a full arm bicep adjustment .... maybe due to the smaller seam allowance but still great fit

(insert small rant here, you can skip over and go to the photos if you like)
I have seen an increase in indie pattern makers lately, like a lot. And while I say if its your passion, go for it. It bothers me a little that a lot of patterns are just repeated patterns with a different name. I could name about 50 different leggings patterns of course they call them other things but still. Its just a legging pattern. And for me I have to go with the big 4, because of the pattern sales, so I rather pay 99 cent, 1.99 for some leggings, over an indie pattern for 7.00 or 10.00 or more. I just feel that if you want to be an independent designer bring something that's new and refreshing and hard to find.
I saw one indie pattern release a pattern and it appeared that patterns would be inclusive but the range stopped at 18, maybe the sizing will be more along ready to wear, but for me Im top 16-18 bottom anywhere from a 20-24. I'm not buying a pattern that will already be more than I normally pay to alter it to fit. I would prefer to buy a vintage pattern. But these are just my rants. Clearly these indie pattern company have a following so they know what they are doing, but I prefer things that are fresh and new. Even with the big 4, I'v learned to pass on the same pattern repackage different.

Well Until next time Sew On

The Gable Top

The Gable Top /Alter Dress

The Gable Top
Close up of neck line

Center back seam?? I don't think its toooo bad

Plaid Love Continues Burberry Feel See & Sew B6308

Good Morning

So I picked up this fabric from up from So Sew English during the Thanksgiving holiday sale. I like a lot of the small business fabric shops, however the cost of shipping sometimes is so high, I tend to shy away from them. But they had a sale that was pretty good, that help off set some of the shipping cost, so I picked up several things. 

I'm currently on a no NEW FABRIC fast at least to June of 2018! I can do this. I will say trim, notations I won't consider fabric purchase. That's the only exception.

So back to this fabric. I was in love with this fabric at first sight. It's a hacci sweater knit. I could have made it very simple by just making a duster, or cardigan. But I wanted a dress. So I looked for something simple and came across this pattern and figured it would work well.

Other than the fabric being very light weight , I think it came together well. I don't think I will hem it because I like my dresses to the floor. 

Well that's all for now... Until next time sew on!

Butterick 6308/B6308

Butterick 6308/B6308

Butterick 6308/B6308

Butterick 6308/B6308

Butterick 6308/B6308

Dot love McCall's 6713

I've been wanting to make this dress for awhile, and I had the smaller size but needed to get the larger range.

I cut the Size 20, and graded to 24 for the hips, then ended up taking it in, so the next time I make this I will make the size 20, or maybe the size 18.

I did read all the reviews for this pattern, and still forget to raise the armholes, so the armholes are to low. And I will have to wear something underneath.
I also forgot to add inches to the back so I didn't get the booty lift in the back lol.
I didn't add the elastic to the waist, didn't need it. The fabric I picked for this dress, is very thin, not the best choice at all.

Fabric from Fabric Mart Fabrics, Rayon Lycra
I didn't like the print once it arrived, just threw it to the side but I think it works well for the dress

Well until next time Sew On!

McCall's 6713 View D

McCall's 6713 View D

McCall's 6713 View D

McCall's 6713 View D

McCall's 6713 View D

Getting over my sewing rut....First make of the year McCall's 7538

Happy Wednesday (I made this over a week ago, but technical difficulties)

I'm sure we all have been in a sewing funk/rut, before. I found myself one in one recently not sure why because I do have a coat I "should" be making but no motivation. I did last week cut out all the pattern pieces for the coat. I think I'm at 20 + pieces. (I've decided to go slow on the coat project it will be ready for next winter.)

But moving along to this pattern, review. I made McCall's 7538 Made View B with C skirt. I read several other reviews and make on the pattern, and decided to follow one bloggers alteration, in extending the bodice front piece, to make sure the seam line didn't cut across my breast weird.
The animal print, I won't call it leopard because it seems to me to have leopard/cheetah and jaguar print combine.

 But the print is from Joann's Fabric. I bought it initial a year or so ago to make a pencil skirt
The black is a lycra/knit from Fabric Mart Fabrics. It has a great feel to it, not to heavy not to light. The animal print is more of a scuba knit.

The pattern pieces came together fairly easily, I however still get my left and right mixed up when doing certain things, so I had to redo one of the black pieces. I added some length to the arms, and of course did my usual bicep adjustment.

I cut the 18- neck and shoulders
20 for the body and graded to 22 for the hips, which I ended up taking in some. So I think I would have been okay with the 20 at the hips.
I didn't hem it yet, due to wanting to finish the inside with my serger, that has to go into the shop. I'm not sure how I feel about this dress it looks nice but the large black midriff piece I feel is sorta to wide but maybe its just me. We will see how I feel once I wear it.

Until next time sew on....

McCalls 7538

McCalls 7538

McCalls 7538

I know you have seen them, so let's discuss McCall's Early spring patterns

Happy Wednesday
I decided I will try to blog more during my lunch... I normally work through lunch but I'm thinking hey why not take this time to blog

Moving right along
Um, the good thing about social media connecting with people across the world
The bad thing about social media, seeing the same thing over and over again. So I will spare you the repeat of another instagram post about the patterns.

I will say I'm not overly excited about the release, I glanced and that first thought like times in the past, new patterns got to buy those.

Then I saw a few people I follow post, and I felt  a little persuaded to purchase some.  Then I saw, post after post after post, so I thought maybe I will get them. So I went to the website and I really studied the lines, and thought is this something you really want. And the answer is no. Honestly I feel like I have purchased these patterns before, or seen them. I think the fancy sleeves, I get it.
But I don't need them I think I purchased some fall winter patterns with fancy sleeves from McCall/Simplicity etc.

So I'm good on the patterns. I however, looked at this pants pattern, and even though I think the images suck I wonder if this could be my dupe for this burda pattern I want. Which is one of those pdf patterns. I already know I would have to do adjustments to the burda pattern so I didn't pull the trigger but looking at this McCall pattern, I wonder will it work.

This is the McCall's pattern.
Now granted I feel the modeling pictures, and fabric for this pattern is horrific, and I do have a booty so that flatness back there will be round lol...

What do you think? is this McCall a good alternative or not?

or Burda

New Me.... New Year... lol Not really

Happy New Year

It is the glorious year of 2018, and I'm excited to see what 2018 holds. My seasonal job has ended, and its a little bitter sweet. I'm glad its over but at the same time, I want another part time job lol.. But we shall see.

I have a few things I want to work on this year sewing related.
My Butterick pattern finally arrived for my coat, so I want to start cutting out pieces and working to get a muslin going this week. Again this will be a slow project, it will be done before next month.

This year I want to focus on sewing things I like to wear, be it the same pattern 15x as long as its something I like. Stop buying patterns because they are new. Continue to reduce my pattern collection, swapping things out for my style, over what's hot now.
I haven't sewn anything really in the last couple weeks. I won't say I lost my mojo just a little drag here and there.

One thing I will do in the new year, is start using my vacation days more, even if its just to sit at home and sew. I have 188 hours of PTO, and of course that's not with this year, I have to start using it because if I don't in April they say no more crazy lady until you use what you have.

I noticed a lot of people got coverstitch machines for Christmas and I was super excited like I want one, then I realized I have had one for almost two years now, collecting dust. I need to get over my fear of using it. I'm in one those coverstitch groups on Facebook and its always a discussion about the proper needles purple tip Janome or an Organ Needle sold by wawak.
I'm not sure what needle to get but both sides swears it eliminates skipped stitches who knows.

So my 2018 goals are to use my coverstitch machine, get my serger fixed, and for once sew a garment completely with the two, serger and cover stitch. I hate to admit that I have not ever used my serger solely for a garment construction.
I also have never made leggings stone me... lol

So I want to make some of those, and I want to finally make me some pants/trousers/slacks, and blazers, I have in my life only owned 2 blazers that fitted me well and that was years ago, these arms aren't made for ready wear blazers lol.

I also joined the Goodbye Valentino Ready Wear Fast, so we shall how that goes.

In closing
This year goals are to focus on sewing more, traveling, and debt reduction small steps, I want to live a little while still handling business.

Well that's it for now until Next time Sew on

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