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Plaid Obsession continues.... New Look 6514

Happy Saturday

This month sew your view project hosted by @thatssewmonica and @feesewcrafty on Instagram was New Look 6514, its a duster pattern, 4 reviews. I decided on View B,

New Look 6514 View B added

 2nd bell sleeve

I Initially was going to do view A with B sleeve but decided to do View B which I am glad I did.

New Look Pattern 6514 Misses' Coat or Vest with Sleeve and Length Variations

The pattern itself goes together very quickly. I did have to do my usual bicep adjustment. I believe I cut XL and Large for the neck. I wanted pockets, but couldn't find my side pocket pattern piece, and was feeling lazy didn't want to draft one, so it doesn't have pockets. Which I truly regret not doing to the pockets. I thought about opening the sides to add them but decided against it.

Although I love dusters what I learned from doing this project which I sorta knew may be an issue, with a duster I will always want to cinch the waist somehow with a belt, or pockets, because I could put my hands in my pockets to sorta slim line the fit. I'm heavier on the bottom, so I tend cut the largest size. But when I put it on I have that larger than I am look, a belt at the waist helps to give me some separation from the waist to the hips if that makes sense.

Once I added the bell sleeve I wasn't happy with it, so I doubled it and finished it with bias tape, and asked on Instagram should I leave the tape hidden or exposed, and most people agreed exposed, so its exposed bias tape and I love it.

I have 3 more plaid projects I want to do not sure if my next project will be plaid or if I will move to my fall/winter dresses....

I'm happy with the seam matching etc, I used the yellow skinny line as my point of reference for matching.

I may make this duster again, however if I do I would make a front band facing, that is probably the one thing I didn't like about this pattern, the front is just turnt  hem. I would have preferred to have a front facing where when I turned it to where it open, it would like uniform. However since this plaid, it doesn't look to bad.

Fabric from :Joann's Fabric

Well that's it for now.... until next time Sew long

New Look 6514 View B

Happy with the matching lines

New Look 6514 View B

Sleeve View

New Look 6514 View B

Back has a center back seam but that matching is almost perfect


  1. I love ❤️ love it. The fabric is everything

  2. I just saw this pattern recently! I love this in a plaid! Lovely 😊

  3. This is super dope! Great job --- one question? How dose one double the flounce on the sleeve? I'm a beginner so sorry if this seems like a simple question.

    1. Hi Gretchen
      I just cut the sleeve pattern bottom piece (bell) a second time and made sure to add a couple inches at the bottom so when I attached it
      It hung lower then the first bell

  4. So cute! I am just making a coat with bell sleeves. I really love yours. Thank you for sharing the great post.


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