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Plaid Girl McCall's 7432

Happy Sunday

It seems sorta strange not watching football today! Sigh, well anyways I decided I wanted to make something quick today. I have a project I was working on yesterday but I had to put it to the side, to rework some things.

So I grabbed this plaid fabric I bought from, last year and pulled out McCall's 7432,

 I wanted View B, but for whatever reason I thought it was the length of F. I wanted a floor length dress.
However fabric restraints I had to settle for View B. I have a  big container of scraps and  floor container overflowing, so I decided to go scrap diving. I still have some sheer knit left over from a dress I made for my daughter, so I grabbed McCall's 7430 sleeves.

The dress was a easy sew, it is part of the learn to sew series. My V neck is not perfect but it works.
Funny thing with this dress I wanted my side seams to match, and I thought once I cut it it did but No.. DARN DARN DARN

However my sleeves match, and from the sides, my sleeves match up to the front and back so I will give myself 5 points lol. I'm still going to wear it proud like the side seams match.

Until next time Sew on...

McCall's 7430 Sleeves
Look they match

McCall's 7432 Front View 

View B

McCall's 7432 Back View 

View B

McCall's 7432 Side View 

View B

McCall's View B Side View 

McCall's View B Front Neckline View

McCall's View B 

Neck line Close Up


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