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Floral and Black lattice McCall's 7430

Well the Packers lost 😭
Glad I decided to make a dress today. I have the idea of a Me Made for the month of February. So I've started making things. We shall see how far I get. God knows I have enough fabric and patterns to make it happen.

Moving right along, I decided for McCall's 7430 I wanted view B neckline and hem and I wanted view D sleeves which was two parts.

The adjustments I made to this pattern were cut upper 18 and graded to 22 hips
I did have to do a full bicep adjustment which I did not want to, but I knew a 18 arm would be to small. I was a bit confused because D sleeve is two pieces and I kept looking at the bottom piece wondering where to cut it for the cap spread. But I realized I didn't have to cut it for the sleeve cap because it was already cut in two pieces. Yay me so I was able to cut the middle of both pieces spread a part tape down the added make sure the ends lined up and I was done.
I did redraw the cap height however after measuring it up to my shoulder I determine it wasn't needed.

The hem I didn't think would work out but it does curve like in the photo. It was a pretty easy sew and I believe I will make it again. I liked how it doesn't take a lot of fabric to make.

Well 1 out of 28 items needed for next month is completed ✅

Until next time

Sew on.......

McCall's 7430 cutting layout 

minus the contrast pieces

McCall's 7430 in progress

McCall's 7430 Complete Front View

McCall's 7430 close up of contrast pieces 

View D used View A Neckline

McCall's 7430 Side View Sleeves

McCall's 7430 back View

McCall's 7430 View A hem it curves

McCall's 7430 closeup of hem


  1. I love the contrast!! Those two fabrics look amazing together. So well done. What do you need 28 items for??!

    1. I wanted to do a Me made for the month of February wearing only garments I made well something like that for my birthday month lol

  2. Very cute I love the contrast as well!


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