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Abstract Art How I LOVE thee Simplicity 8383

Happy Tuesday

So you know how you have that project that just doesn't go as plan. Last summer I had this beautiful fabric, I had picked up from Fabric Mart. I knew I wanted something that flows and long. So I tried this Butterick pattern, it was horrible. Butterick 6051, I think my attempt to mix views is where I went wrong.

So I acknowledge the fail project, and saved the fabric to unpick. I knew the skirt I would be able to use to make something that didn't need a lot of fabric. Someone posted Simplicity 8383 on Instagram and I was in loved, so I went to unpicking. I was able to use the skirt to cut all the pieces but the sleeves. So I cut that out of some white ity knit I had here. I absolutely love the dress, and cant wear to wear it. 

Talk about salvaging fabric! I don't really worry about failed projects to much because I will salvage the fabric I can and move right along. 

So from a mishap to a YAAYY

Butterick 6051 pattern flop

Simplicity 8383 View A

 Simplicity 8383 View A Front View

Simplicity 8383 View A

 Side View

Simplicity 8383 View A Back View

I always knew I had a twin 

Simplicity 8383 View A

Flowers and Stripes Mimi G Style for Simplicity 8291

Happy Sunday

I thought I wouldn't blog about this dress, but since I'm just sitting here I thought why not.

As I continue to row my way along the ocean of fabric, I finally cut into my floral and 
stripe fabric I have been hoarding for about a year or so.

It took me forever to find a similar weight black knit, but a couple weeks ago, Fabric Mart Fabric had a flash and I picked up some black ity knit . When this pattern was released I knew I wanted to make it because I love color blocking. However it was a couple things I was concern with. One was the left piece I was scared it would cut across my right breast. I saw a few sewn up on mannequins that seem to cut across the right breast.

So when I cut the pattern out, I cut off some of the left bodice, to in my opinion compensate for my larger cup. Did I need to cut it off... I'm not sure lol...I think I may have been alright but I didn't want to take any chances. 

This pattern does use a lot of fabric, and if I make it again it will not be until I get a bigger cutting table, cutting the pieces took a lot of work.

If I make it again, I will take 2 inches off the center back seam, also the pattern is made that the back piece comes over the center shoulder blade. I didn't realize that so I kept trying to adjust the dress, while wearing. 

It does show cleavage, so I just sewed the front closed a little, I could have cut off some excess on the left pattern piece to give it tighter cross over, but its okay for now.

The pattern itself is easy to sew, the pattern does suggest bias binding for neckline and armholes. I wasn't to sure if I was applying it right. So I looked up the you tube video for the pattern. And would you believe Mimi G didn't do the step in the video. She said she was using a heavier knit so she just folded her's over. That was disappointing, I felt that she should have used a lighter knit, to demonstrate that specific technique. I ended up using stay tape and folded the neckline and armholes in and stitched them down.

This is my second Mimi G for Simplicity pattern, the first one was a bust, but I think this one is a winner. The envelope has a typo of such, it shows three photos they are labeled B B C
The back shows  A B C
But its only two views that can be sewn, not three A and B is the same  

Fabric: Fabric Mart Fabric
Black Poly/Lycra Ity Knit
Ocean Blue/White/Multi Floral/Stripe Print Ity
Fabric used: 5 1/8 yard

Cut 20W graded to 26W I believe for the hips

I took about 100 photos, the only photos I really liked where out takes so those are the one's I'm posting.

Fabric Mart Fabric

Section I cut off

Simplicity 8291 Bodice pieces 


Simplicity 8291 View C

Simplicity 8291 View C

Marigold and Purple love McCall's 7591

Happy Saturday

Rowing gently through my sea of fabric. I am still very optimistic I will sew through a lot of fabric this summer. I will try to keep track of the total amount sewn. Lately I've been thinking on which direction to take my blog. Technically I've been blogging since 2014, Consistently

I am still up in the air on where to go with it. I use Instagram, which is 99% sewing. It's very easy to caption a photo and share it. However the downside is, you don't really control Instagram. You can have an account today, and its gone tomorrow. Blogging is a little bit more secure, but we have seen some blogs taken down as well. Not as much as social media outlets. I enjoy Instagram because its scrolling, looking, liking, small comments and moving right along. I have come across some marvelous seamstress/tailors who are Russian. And of course not being able to speak the language I cant read the caption, to grasp what they are showing and or techniques. However the craftsmanship is worth a follow.

I want to become more consistent with my blog, but I need more specific goals of what would be shared here, and what will be shared Instagram, maybe related but not so much overlap where I'm posting the same content.

Moving right along. I did sew up McCall's 7591 View B. 
I really loved the split. Fairly easy sew, the top is X- Large, grade to Large to  XL at the hips.

Once I sewed the top together, its lined, I realized that it had substantial side gap. I went back through undid the seams, which I would have looked at closer before understitching.. YIKES! And took out about an inch, and I cut off the excess on the pattern for next time.

The bodice does still drape down but I don't mind it.

Fabric is from Fabric Mart Fabrics  3 yards used
Brown/Purple/Marigold/Multi Poly/Lycra Abstract Leaves Print ITY

Fabric Mart fabric ITY 

McCall's 7591 Close Up View B

McCall's 7591 View B

McCall's 7591 View B split

McCall's 7591 View B Back View

Roses are Red...Violets are Blue- New Look 6491

Happy Saturday 

I am on stash busting mission this summer. So I am cutting and sewing and hopefully coming up with some nice garments. Of course there will be casualties lol. But I'm use to it. I picked apart some failed projects from last summer, trying to savage the fabric. We shall see if this summer is better. 

Moving right along, I was in the store last Sunday and I had a coupon for Joann's, so I went to use it. Didn't see not one thing I liked. I recall coming across New Look 6491, and thought hmmm I think I like this, but ended up sitting back. I was browsing Instagram or Facebook and saw Allyse Jolie version of New Look 6491, and thought hey I want that pattern.

Image result for new look 6491

 So I stopped by Walmart on the way home from work this week and picked it up. The pattern calls for woven, but I had a knit I wanted to use.

When picking out the sizing I went for the 18 top, graded the midriff piece to a 20 at the bottom, and graded to a 22 at the hips. I hate I didn't extend the skirt, I'm thinking about doing a 1/2 hem but I think it will depends on the shoes, I despise maxi dresses that hit above the ankles, even though I'm short I think it looks weird, personal preference, I like my maxi's below my ankles even to the floor.

The pattern itself is an easy sew, I for the most part set the instructions aside when I got to the skirt part, because for one I wasn't lining, and I didn't like how the fabric was gathering. So I made a casting for my skirt, with a 3/8 seam allowance, ran my elastic through, and then attached the bodice, I did make the bodice midriff lining piece, folded that flat and then stitched in the ditch from the front.

I think I will wear this for the 4th of July, I left the back seam well about 2 inches without the stitch in the ditch there, I think I may take it in a little bit more in the back closer to the 4th of July, Because I used a knit, my top midriff was a little to big for my liking, so I took in a 5/8 inch. I think I may go back in and take out another 1/2 inch or so. All in all I love the dress, I may make one again in knit. 

I wish I had pockets to this one. If I make it again it will have pockets.

I wanted more flare to the skirt, so when I was cutting it out, I added some width on the side, I guess maybe the proper way to do it was slash and spread the pattern, but it worked out fine.

This fabric is from Sew Blessed, fabric group on Facebook. I purchased it in the winter time, thinking I would make a dress for Valentines Day, not sure why I had no date lol. But as you can see it was sitting until now. 

Well that's it for now... Until next time Sew on!

New Look 6491 View A  

It doesnt flare this much on me if only I was 2 inches shorter

New Look 6491 View A Front (My Flair)

New Look 6491 Back View A

New Look 6491 Side View A

I wish I had added pockets however, I have enough scraps for pockets for something else

Give me a "T" ..... My first Stretch & Sew Pattern


I'm finally getting back into the swing of things. My daughter graduated on May 29th. With prom and graduation etc, I had been dragging. I spent the last couple of weeks. Going through my fabric pulling out summer fabric. And I have to admit, I may just have to much fabric on hand. So I will really be pushing to sew up my fabric sooooooo I can yes, "BUY MORE". 

When I first started sewing I just bought fabric just to be buying fabric. Not knowing what type of fabric I like or much about fabric content, I have ended up with array of fabric. Now that I have a better sense of fabric content, and my personal style. I can do more project driven shopping. And which I have a long list, but I need to MOVE this fabric. 

So summer is dedicated to sewing up as much fabric as possible, Now moving right along. 
I am drawn to are vintage patterns. The love of vintage patterns can be another expensive hobby. Many vintage patterns are priced ridiculous high. I tend to look and not buy those lol. I think of all the fabric I could buy instead. But I do save the patterns, to see if I can find a cheaper pattern, or maybe use a current pattern with modifications. 

Well in one of the facebook sewing detash groups, I came across the Stretch & Sew pattern bundle, it was 3 patterns, this T dress, a pants/short pattern, and a pleated skirt pattern. It was priced for 5,00 with shipping 8,00 dollars total. So I grabbed it. 

Stretch & Sew 1530 The "T"

I really loved everything about this T pattern, 

  • neckline
  • cuffs
  • yoke
  • cuff
  • sides slit
Now when I got, I almost panic, it was only one sheet, front and back. I thought I was missing some pieces, until I realized I would have to trace the pattern. Ugh, I hate tracing patterns. But I said oh well. So I traced it out, went pretty smoothly. 

Since I was making View B, I had to cut on the lengten or shorten line add 15 1/2 inch and then 7 1/2 inch 

Now my oops moment, so I add the length, and I'm looking like you know this thing is pretty long. So I hold it up to one of my other skirt patterns, and its like 7 inches longer. So what do I do, cut 4 inches off. And I cut out my pattern. (Now why isnt there ever a life alarm panic button, or something that goes off and tell you... You are making a mistake) After I had cut all my pattern pieces out. ......

I turn and look back at the pattern. AND then the ligh bulb goes off. This front and back pieces are long because the top is only a crop/yoke. OOOPS... so I go find the piece I cut off, and yes you guess it. I cut my four inch pattern pieces. And sewed it right to the bottom no shame.

The pattern called for a two inch hem, the pieces I sewed on I used a 5/8 seam and I just did a 1 inch hem. Worked fine to me.  Well that's enough talking for one day, photos below of the finish project.

Stretch & Sew 1530 The "T" 

View B Close Up

Stretch & Sew 1530 The "T" View B 

4 inches add back to the hem.. after my Oops moment

Stretch & Sew 1530 The "T" View B

Back View

Stretch & Sew 1530 The "T" View B

 Side Slits and Cuff

Close up of Cuffs Love these

More sleeve action

Stretch & Sew 1530 The "T"

View B

Bonus before I say,  Until next time....  A couple pictures of my daughter 's graduation

For her special day she wore Mccall's 7160

Mccall's 7160/M7160 Fabric: Joann's 

I wore Vogue 9251 She wore McCalls 7160

Regal Prom...Any one? Michelle O- Inspired Prom Dress (PART II)

Regal Prom Part II Continues.....

Below will be photos of my daughter that I took or she took, that I really loved from her Senior Prom.

They had this set up in the gym for parents to take pictures, so some of the photos will be on the backdrop.....

Make Up Shot

Gone With The Wind

She wanted a car photo

Prom Friends

Girls and their phones...geeze

The girls helping mom work their phone

She was ready for me to leave

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