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Give me a "T" ..... My first Stretch & Sew Pattern


I'm finally getting back into the swing of things. My daughter graduated on May 29th. With prom and graduation etc, I had been dragging. I spent the last couple of weeks. Going through my fabric pulling out summer fabric. And I have to admit, I may just have to much fabric on hand. So I will really be pushing to sew up my fabric sooooooo I can yes, "BUY MORE". 

When I first started sewing I just bought fabric just to be buying fabric. Not knowing what type of fabric I like or much about fabric content, I have ended up with array of fabric. Now that I have a better sense of fabric content, and my personal style. I can do more project driven shopping. And which I have a long list, but I need to MOVE this fabric. 

So summer is dedicated to sewing up as much fabric as possible, Now moving right along. 
I am drawn to are vintage patterns. The love of vintage patterns can be another expensive hobby. Many vintage patterns are priced ridiculous high. I tend to look and not buy those lol. I think of all the fabric I could buy instead. But I do save the patterns, to see if I can find a cheaper pattern, or maybe use a current pattern with modifications. 

Well in one of the facebook sewing detash groups, I came across the Stretch & Sew pattern bundle, it was 3 patterns, this T dress, a pants/short pattern, and a pleated skirt pattern. It was priced for 5,00 with shipping 8,00 dollars total. So I grabbed it. 

Stretch & Sew 1530 The "T"

I really loved everything about this T pattern, 

  • neckline
  • cuffs
  • yoke
  • cuff
  • sides slit
Now when I got, I almost panic, it was only one sheet, front and back. I thought I was missing some pieces, until I realized I would have to trace the pattern. Ugh, I hate tracing patterns. But I said oh well. So I traced it out, went pretty smoothly. 

Since I was making View B, I had to cut on the lengten or shorten line add 15 1/2 inch and then 7 1/2 inch 

Now my oops moment, so I add the length, and I'm looking like you know this thing is pretty long. So I hold it up to one of my other skirt patterns, and its like 7 inches longer. So what do I do, cut 4 inches off. And I cut out my pattern. (Now why isnt there ever a life alarm panic button, or something that goes off and tell you... You are making a mistake) After I had cut all my pattern pieces out. ......

I turn and look back at the pattern. AND then the ligh bulb goes off. This front and back pieces are long because the top is only a crop/yoke. OOOPS... so I go find the piece I cut off, and yes you guess it. I cut my four inch pattern pieces. And sewed it right to the bottom no shame.

The pattern called for a two inch hem, the pieces I sewed on I used a 5/8 seam and I just did a 1 inch hem. Worked fine to me.  Well that's enough talking for one day, photos below of the finish project.

Stretch & Sew 1530 The "T" 

View B Close Up

Stretch & Sew 1530 The "T" View B 

4 inches add back to the hem.. after my Oops moment

Stretch & Sew 1530 The "T" View B

Back View

Stretch & Sew 1530 The "T" View B

 Side Slits and Cuff

Close up of Cuffs Love these

More sleeve action

Stretch & Sew 1530 The "T"

View B

Bonus before I say,  Until next time....  A couple pictures of my daughter 's graduation

For her special day she wore Mccall's 7160

Mccall's 7160/M7160 Fabric: Joann's 

I wore Vogue 9251 She wore McCalls 7160

Regal Prom...Any one? Michelle O- Inspired Prom Dress (PART II)

Regal Prom Part II Continues.....

Below will be photos of my daughter that I took or she took, that I really loved from her Senior Prom.

They had this set up in the gym for parents to take pictures, so some of the photos will be on the backdrop.....

Make Up Shot

Gone With The Wind

She wanted a car photo

Prom Friends

Girls and their phones...geeze

The girls helping mom work their phone

She was ready for me to leave

Regal Prom...Any one? Michelle O- Inspired Prom Dress (PART I)


This story will be broken down into two parts, Construction and Candid dress Photos

Long time, no see! It is officially Prom Day for my daughter (well yesterday), her Senior Prom. So as she dances the night away (hopefully she is dancing) I figure I would take to my blog, to finally blog about her dress. I'm so happy with the outcome, but it was surely a journey.

Prom in itself, has taken on a whole new meaning, and while I won't go down that route. As a mother I sometimes have to say no, nope, nah, however you want to say no. So me and my daughter, went back and forth. So I was scrolling on instagram, and came across a dress, and I sent it to my daughter. Thinking she would not like it, and guess what?! She loved it!!! Asked for it and black, with flowers.

So I took of searching for this fabric, I knew I needed a border print, I contacted promenade fabrics,  I sent them a email with the photo and asked if they had anything similar big floral print, in black. They sent me a photo back. It was beautiful, they only had 5 yards left. And it was the most expensive fabric I had ever bought a yard.

So I took to Etsy to find a skirt pattern, I thought I had one in Vogue, once I went to the store, I wasn't to sure, so I settled on Butterick 4131. I came home ordered the last 5 yards and waited patiently for my fabric.

Once my fabric arrived, I was so excited open it and laid it out and was in love. I received my Butterick pattern in the mail, I cut it out, open up the placement instructions. And thought hmmmm wait a minute. I go back to my fabric. And guess what its not a border print, well maybe it is considered a border print but not what I needed. PANIC sets in. What am I going to do, if I cut it like the pattern requires, my flowers will not match, the black background will be all over, and it will look a mess. So I said cut it on the bias. I took my time, lined up the pattern pieces on my floor. Prayed hard pin the pattern pieces checked the order side, to see where the cut line would fall, and I went for it. And guess what it worked!  The only changes I did was added pockets to the skirt

NOW the bodice, pull up a chair...

I started with New Look 6497, which would have been perfect. New Look Pattern 6497 Misses' Dress with Bodice and Length Variations

It was looking good, until I got to part where I was to attach the shoulder seams. I was working with a satin, a little to fluid, It wasn't working right. So I scrapped it.

1st Failed Bodice

For me to make it work with the satin, I needed to cut the shoulder seams thinner so when I folded one over to put the other seam in, it wouldn't have the access fabric. I tried to cut some of the seam but it still didn't look NEAT!

So I scratched, now my daughter really wanted that style so I went and got Simplicity 1325, which is made for a knit. Should I stop here, nope, well I cut that out, now before I cut that out, I sent my daughter three bodice tops, she said she liked the first one (the failed New Look 6497)

SO I figured Simplicity could give me the same look, well it didn't, right in the middle of the bodice to much fabric tried to fold it over, like a pleat, didn't look POLISH to me so I scrapped it.

Second Failed Bodice

Simplicity Pattern 1325 Misses' Pants, Jumper or Tunic, Jacket & Top

I go back to one of the choices I showed my daughter McCall 7316, AT THIS POINT I SAID I KNOW BEST
I cut it out, upon cutting it out I notice the princess seams lines are wrong, the smallest size is on the outside, the 14, is the inner most size. My daughter measures a 33 bust. I'm not a rocket scientist but going outward means bigger.

So I asked in one of the sewing groups what to cut. Mixed answers, consistently received, it didn't matter make sure the notches match up. so I check the 14 line and the 6 line the notches did  no match up to the front bodice piece.

My cutting and pasting, 

I said McCall 7316 Will work

McCall 7316

McCall 7316

McCall 7316

So I cut the smallest size, and made my own notches. It sewed together perfectly. However, the inset was sized wrong end up taking two inches off. The pattern pieces notches didn't match up. But I finally got a nice bodice, attached it to the skirt, insert zipper, added trim, added horsehair braid to the hem. AND FINALLY FINISHED DRESS!! Finished on a Thursday PROM on SATURDAY!!!

My inside is not as clean as I would like, my serger broke down on me but its fairly neet.

Below Photos of the process

Fabric Straight Out the Box

Pattern Placement

Pattern Placement

Front pieces Cut Butterick 4131

Back pieces Cut Butterick 4131


Pockets Attached

Pockets Finished

Dress Flipagram


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