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Rastafarian inspired McCall 7348


Well its Saturday and what better way to spend a Saturday, sewing. I have about 10 projects lined up with fabric matched yay me! So I decided to start with this project. 
McCall's 7348

I have a love hate relationship with high low hems, not sure if I like how they look on me, but I decided I wanted to make this pattern View D, with C arm for the fall weather. This fabric is a little thin, which I'm okay with I will just wear a slip with it! Yessss a slip I still wear slips.

The fabric was purchased from LGD Textiles, they have a facebook group as well as a website now.
Its a rayon spandex blend and it was a pretty easy fabric to work with.

I did add pockets to dress, because dresses with pockets are so much better. I checked out a couple reviews before I cut this fabric out and I decided to add two inches to the front piece, which I am glad I did. 

The pattern calls for a 5/8 hem, I did a 1 inch hem all the way around, mainly because I use double sided hem tape and its 1 inch.

My neckline is not perfect to me, the top part of the neck band does not lay flat, maybe that's not the correct description but its a little funky. 

Before I checked the pattern measurements, I was going back and forth on if I was going to cut the size L and grade for the hips. I often times forget about the ease in a garment, lucky for me I did look at the pattern final measurements, and the Large would work fine, no grading needed!

I have to admit I did not feel like doing a bicep adjustment so I just cut out the XL sleeve and eased the extra in.

One last note, the pattern package says for View D you would need 3 yards, I only had 3 yards and I wanted sleeves, I Was able to get all pieces on 3 yards. Just in case you are wondering yardage needed. I folded the fabric all the way over and squeezed in the sleeves on the selvage side, since the body pieces were cut on the fold.

I love this dress and look forward to wearing it.

Until next time 

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McCall M7348
All cut out

McCall M7348
Neckline close up

Added pockets

McCall M7348
View D Front

McCall 7348
View D Side View

McCall M7348
View D Back Low Hem

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