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Once I was Caterpillar...Now Im a Butterfly Mccall M7406

Happy Hump Day

Can I start off by saying how much I love this fabric!!!! When I saw it on fabric mart website, it was a precut offering 4 yards I had to have it. Even though it was a pretty busy print... I wanted it.
The description of the fabric
Stone Gray/Soft Black/Burgundy/Multi Butterfly Print Cotton/Rayon/Lycra Jersey Knit 60W

I knew I wanted a wrap dress, (I love a wrap dress fyi you will see a lot of them from me).
I never had much success with store wrap dress, they tend to hit me all in the wrong spots. Now that I can sew and beginning to alter patterns, I will have a closet full of wrap dresses.
Moving right along, this pattern was made for woven, and stable knits, so I wasn't sure how it would work out for me.
I cut a size 16, and graded to a 20 for the hips. Because well these hips don't lie.

The pattern called for bias tape for the back neck, but since I was not working with a woven, I ended up cutting a piece of bias tape from the main fabric and attempted to make some bias tape. Did I do it right who knows, but it’s neat and clean.

I guess technically I could have used regular bias tape....

 Also this is a real wrap dress, only held together by the ribbon and the ties. The ribbon I used, well I didn't have any so I used some bias tape. I have to take the bias tape out and use something stretchy. Maybe I have enough fabric left over to make the inside ties.

I did drop the dart, yay me first time! I dropped it an inch. 

For the hem, I like my dresses to touch the floor so instead of doing a 1 inch or 5/8 hem, I only did 1/2 inch. So I could keep some of princess feel! Well I feel like a princess.
I made View C, with B sleeves
The back has darts, I wasn't sure how that would work, but they are perfect! I love that.
This pattern is considered a beginner pattern, I think it’s good for experience. It did take me longer than I expected probably because of my fabric choice, and have to make the bias tape. Nevertheless

I love this dress.. And will be wearing it next week.

Well that's it for now until next time

Sew on!

McCall M7406

Front View C length

B sleeves

McCall M7406

Front View  Close Up

Mcall M7406

Side View

B sleeves

Butterfly in the Sky

McCall 7406

Mcall M7406

Side  View C length

B sleeves

Mcall M7406

Back View C length

B sleeves

Moved Dart McCall M7406

My moved Dart

cant see it well but its there




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