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This Dress is the thing Summer dreams are made out of Mccall M7405

Hi All! Happy Thursday

I'm still on my quest to sew down my stash, I picked up McCall M7405 I believe in the spring, because I really liked view C and View D.
This pattern called for 4 yards oddly enough I have closet full of 3 yard cuts or less. 

So I digged deep and found this fabric I had been hoarding for about a year and a half. Picked it up at Hancocks Fabric(I will miss that store).  It's some sort of knit, got it on a the flat yard table so it doesn't have any information on material content. It is the softness thing ever! But lightweight semi sheer, so I will need a slip under when I wear it.

The pattern itself was an easy sew, and after my last failed project it was nice to get right for once. This pattern is from McCall Learn to Sew line, some of the patterns can be hit or mess. But this one is pretty good. I do wish they would show an example of a slip stitch. I think for someone new to sewing that should be included in the instructions.

I made view D, but used View C slit on the right side. There is nothing wrong with a little leg action!

I oddly enough, last project didnt cut the back on the fold, this project I cut on the fold and it needed to be two pieces, so I just folded in half pinned it, made sure it was lined up no bubbles and cut it on the center fold.  Worked out fine.

Sewing has many mishaps sometimes we recover, others time we don't! But it's always fun to try to create something beautiful to wear.

I will say again I LOVE LOVE LOVE this fabric.

McCall M7405 View D with View C side split front view

Love the Rich colors of this fabric
McCall M7405 View D neckline gathers

Mccall M7405 Side Split, from View C

McCall M7405 View D
Back Neck Slit

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  1. This is such a pretty dress. I like the neckline and split; well done! :)


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