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Tuck Tuck Go Away ... Butterick 5886

Happy Father's Day!!

So I decided today would be a sew day planned to make two items ended up with one. I'm doing inventory on my fabric stash which has turned into a mini store and I know why!

I don't buy fabric project specific majority of the time so I end up with yardage that's never enough for what I want it for.
So I go out and buy more fabric.
But I'm learning summertime order 4 yards for dresses
Other seasons 2 1/2 and 3 yards will suffice. I'm stuck with 3 yards of a lot of fabric and I like floor length dresses in the summer.
I'm going through my patterns and finding patterns I can make that require 3 yards or less so I can 
1. Sew up my stash
2. So I can buy more fabric 

That takes me to today project which I thought I could knock out in 2 hours 8 hours later it still needs to be hem but I'm done with it for today.
The tucks on the bodice gave me the blues 15 Seams ripped later,I just said mine will not be like the others I have seen.

The issue I was having is I would sew the tucks and see my sew lines like the pattern said BUT nobody seam lines  else's lines were in their pictures.
I grabbed my sewing book looked up how to make tucks checked the Internet still no luck.

It wasn't until I got to like step 13ish maybe when I realize the tucks created the halter neck line!!! 
The tucks would not be on the bodice persay I wasted 4 hours of my life 😂😂😂😂

My lining is not perfect but it will work for me and after all that hassle with the tucks I did not under stitch the lining.

But the dress is done (minus hem)  I used a knit no zipper needed 

This fabric is gorgeous and the photos do not do it justice.

Butterick 5886/B5886

Butterick 5886 lining
Butterick back lining 5886
Lets talk about those TUCKS, I did get to use my wax paper or is it wax free paper, picked up at Joanns to mark the tucks.

Where those tucks ended up!

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