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Plans... What Plans...

I had my sewing plans for the month of April, all planned out. When I got a call from nieces who need alterations to their prom dresses. And thats when my April plans went out the door. But it was a learning experience to say the least.

One of the dresses, just needed to be taken in, it was to big, in the breast and back.  The other dress did not fit at all. Both ordered from China, so here is where I made the first mistake.

The second dress had to be redone, because it was no way I could save, it was suppose to be mermaid dress but she couldn't even walk it was about 6 inches to small, it did not lay flat in the front. And the mesh they used did not go well with her skin tone. So my first thought was to try to recreate the dress she thought she was getting.
That was my first mistake!
What I should have told her, was hey this dress is a no go. What we can do is figure out a dress for you, and go from there.
My Second mistake!
I decided I would try to find similar material that they had used, which was like a polyester satin! Which frayed like crazy..Good thing is I got to use my serger.

Well I had two weeks to come up with dress, for one niece and make alterations on dress for the other niece and I got it done.
Now had I had enough time I would have went with totally different material but it was a lesson learn. And I don't foresee me doing, prom dresses or alterations. Okay maybe I would but it would only be like 1-2 people and it would have to be months in advanced.
This was the to small dress

This was we working to get the front together, I ended up using a simplicity pattern for the top and a burda pattern for the bottom

But my advice for ordering from China! Dont lol

So now I'm trying to get my mojo back to sewing for myself, and getting all this thread off my sewing room floor, I have carpet! My vacuum cleaner only picks up so much. While out shopping today, a light bulb went off and I thought, lint roller!!! 

So I went to the store to get one, and of course got everything but the lint roller, so I came home and said hmmm, what else! Masking tape, worked like a charm...
It really bothers me with the little thread on the floors, especially after I so call myself cleaning up. My dream sewing room will not have carpet. But I'm happy with the results. I will get a lint roller soon.

I also got to use my 60% off coupon to get me a Olfa self healing rotary mat, been eyeing it for over a  year! Originally all my starting sewing supplies was gifted by my husband. I was unaware of his budget so I got a smaller one because the other ones were a little expensive. As well as this was before we were introduced to coupons! So it was time for an upgrade. This Mat is normally 199.99, I got it for 89.00! Happy Mothers Day to me!

It is longer than my cutting surface, but its three pieces, so I connected two pieces and slides the third one under, so now my whole cutting surface is covered. I believe this will work well for me!

Well I think that is enough blabbering for me...Its time to find some things to sew...

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