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McCall 7121, Well that went down hill fast

Well this project will be pushed to the side until June-Never

So I started off very simple, well sorta I bought some fabric which I thought was CREAM, and it came and its GREEN, so after getting passed the disappointment I had to figure out how to make it work.
The fabric has a border print, so i had to figure out how to cut out the pattern and use the border print since that was the focal point of the fabric. This meant I had to cut out all 4 pieces one by one, a pain.
So I finally got it cut out, and if you recall I said about a week ago, I wasn't going to cut out any more patterns while watching basketball. Ooops

I'm smaller on the top and bigger on the bottom, but I'm still a plus size so for this pattern I cut out the 16 top, which I probably should have done 18, and I cut out the 22 for the bottom. No problem I tell myself I would just gather the skirt to to match up the top.

Well that didn't go so well so after gathering the skirt and trying to attach it and not being happy. I figured I would just end up making this until a 2 piece garment!
I did try to attach the elastic directly to the skirt, well that didn't go to well. I bust the stitches, apparently with that option you should use stretchy thread.
I will figure it one day, because I have to figure out how to do the casing for the skirt, and figure out how to finish the top. I will save this project just not any time soon.

Okay I will set a deadline by the first day of Summer I will figure out how to save this project but for now on to the next project,

The pattern itself instructions was not bad at all, however my front pieces didn't seem to align perfectly with my back pieces. I did measure the cut pieces against the pattern and it measured up, not sure what happen there.

The Journey of an incomplete project

Matching up the patterns

I thought I did good

The back


  1. Wait whats wrong with that?? that fabric is cute.. You better wear your dress!

  2. I'm trying to gather the bottom of the skirt to attach to the bodice but because of the size difference it didn't look right to me
    I will try it again

  3. 7121 is on time out for me too but because of the fabric.

    I graded mine from a 14 to 16. And ended up having to take the bust through waist in.

    Have you tried it on?

  4. Yes I tried it kinda sits like a crop top lol I think I should have extended the bodice because I didn't take into consideration the casing.
    I'm thinking Im going to make it a two piece bodice with wrap top
    and recut this pattern extending the bodice


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