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It Shimmers!! New Look 6150

I had my fabric all set out for this pattern, and even with my most creative maneuvers, I could not get all the pattern pieces on the yard of fabric I had (and yes the envelope does call for like 1 yard and 1/4 or so I still thought I could squeeze on a yard), so I had to go digging for some fabric and came come with the gem.

It's a remnant piece from I'm assuming Hancock fabric, and it was enough to get this project done.
I do plan on making some pants for this shirt but I'm still deciding if I want a wide leg pants or skinny leg.

I plan on making the other views I made view E, once I find that perfect length of fabric in my stash. I matched up the stripes pretty good. Although my arms were not matched to the bodice, but the front and back sleeve stripes is lined up.

I used my serger on this project, and I thought I would be very optimistic and decided to do the facing on the serger, well I put the facing on the wrong side, so I had to rip out all those stitches. What a pain!!!
So lesson learned..I will stick to sewing the seam on the sewing machine for now, until I can watch tv and pin a garment correctly..

I did use the stay tape on this project on the hem and the shoulders and neckline


It wouldn't fit! I wanted this shirt bad lol

So went to Plan B 

Finished Garment

New Look 6150 View E

New Look 6150 View E
New Look 6150 View E

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