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Fabulous Find Fridays....And to follow a pattern or not? That is thequestion

Hello All :) 
I stopped in Hancock Fabrics on Friday to pick up some patterns, Simplicity that I had waited patiently for 2 weeks for them to go on sale. 
Although my husband had tried to convince me to just purchase them two weeks ago. And I insisted I could wait. 
So I went in Hancock with a 20.00 budget just get my patterns and leave, but that spot the bolt section caught my attention, so I ended up going over budget by 20.00 dollars.  Not bad I guess. 
I got 5 yards of this linen/poly blend material for 15.00 dollars. 

This weekend Jo Ann has its 25% total purchase coupon available for use. Since I was already over my sewing budget for the week, I knew I wouldn't be making an appearance so I asked the lady if I could use the coupon there. Now my husband decides he wants to read the coupon policy and he says well I don't think you can use it because right there it says....SIGH ....

Well the lady allowed me to use the coupon, because she said since I was apart of the Hancock reward program. Now I tell my husband later in the car, I never find a reason not to use a coupon I let them tell me I can't. But I never give them reason to not allow it...

I don't think he gets the coupon thing. 

I have also decided that I'm okay with not being able to freestyle a design, I will stick to patterns. Maybe one day I will venture into pattern making, but I need structure and lines, and not much guessing at this time. I attempted to freestyle, this pleated skirt. 
The skirt before waistband attachment

Which I guess came out okay, but the waistband and zipper placement is off. 
After waist band 

Eventually when I get a new zipper foot, or rather invisible zipper foot. I have to figure out the mystery in zippers. I have tried watching youtube, pinterest and googling, and then it dawned on me I have books. So I used A to Z Sewing which was pretty straight forward. I will replace the zipper and redo the band. But that is it for me with doing something without a pattern. 
So here are a few attempts of my trying to put the zipper in, not bad last time, to far down in the finished skirt.

First attempt

Second attempt- better 

I think the next few weeks I will spend working on spring and summer attire. Maybe a dress for Easter, I want to attend a brunch somewhere. 

So do you all, use commercial patterns/indie patterns? Make your own patterns or completely free style?


  1. I really love that pleated skirt.

    As you know, I am a pattern sewer. That is it. I know people are very happy to boast "self drafted" and I think that's great if that's your mindset. Me? Not reinventing the wheel! :) I can make patterns work for me without thinking about it so I shall!

    Nice pattern haul. I picked up just 3 of the new McCall's. I was so proud of myself! haha! I was only semi interested in the Simplicity jumpsuit but decided I could mix/match bodice and bottoms from existing jumpsuit patterns.

    Can't wait to see what's next!

  2. I like the pleated skirt. Sewing zippers is not easy. It definitely takes time to find a technique that works for you and a zipper foot that you are comfortable in using.

    I never use the ones that come with the sewing machine. I have a universal one I inherited from my Grandmother and it is my best friend. My husband also bought me a duplicate so I have a backup LOL!

    The good thing is you tried freestyling a garment. Now you know what you like and what you don't like. I personally have not used a commercial pattern since my freshman year in college. But I've learned to construct my own patterns (professional training; not free styling). There are some really good books out there that can assist you in learning to draft patterns when you are ready ;-)

    I can't wait to see what you make next. I'm definitely enjoying following your sewing journey!

    Happy Sewing!

  3. Thank ladies, I will keep trying at it the zipper that is...


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