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Fabulous Find Friday's

Would you believe that I didn't go into Joann's or Hancock today? Well it wasnt by choice!

My part time job informed me that my contract had ended because they loss the account. Which means I have no extra money to play with for now. I was upset when I heard the news but the more I thought about I felt bad for all the people who worked for the company full time, because now they are with any income.
It was an independent contract position which I didn't mind because it wasn't my primary job in regards to benefits. But just think of all the people who had been working on this particular account for 5+ years (I had been there going on 1 year), and with one call their unemployed and not eligible for unemployment. So I guess this would be one of the downsides of being 1099 contract employee.

On the upside I have more time to sew, I will have to use my stash which is overflowing, and I'm stocked up on notions. I guess I will try to enjoy the next couple of months of not having a second gig, but I will have to replace it so that can I stop deleting emails from my favorite fabric stores.

Well in other news my stape is in, I had plan on doing the Pamela Pattern Peplum sew along that Fabric Mart was hosting, I believe it was last month, and this month. But I never ordered the pattern. But I did read all the steps and became intrigued with the stay tape demonstrated.
Video retrieved from  YouTube:

Pamela's Patterns - Stay Tape Application For Knits

As I prepare to go summer dress and attire crazy I thought it would be wise to invest in some tape to stabilize my garments.

The stay tape that Pamela talks about in her videos, is made by SewKeysE she has several different products for stabilizing fabric, but I only picked up a few. Good thing I ordered this last week. I'm excited to use them this weekend.
Pamela  does not carry all the tapes but they can be ordered directly from the maker SewKeysE

I purchased

  • Woven Stay Tape 1/2 inch use for shoulder seams/crotch/stabilize center front of cardigans etc
  • Knit Stay Tape 1/2 inch use for hems/necklines/side seams/sleeve seams in laces
  • Double Sided Fusible Stay Tape 1 inch uses for hems/zippers/kick pleats/necklines in tiny pleats/apply trims 
Each package is 25 yard roll

Detail PDF from Emma Sea Brooke site

So Im curious to know do you have a favorite stabilizer? Do you even stabilize your garments? 

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  1. I tend to use clear elastic if I decide to stabilize a knit. I use regular lightweight fusible cut into strips for zippers/necklines.

    Sorry about your part time gig :/


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