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Fabulous Find Friday's! Coupon alert

So Joann's has a 60% coupon and I still had a balance on my gift card from my birthday. So I stopped in looking for a pattern for my daughter and some fabric for her sewing class. Well didn't find what she wanted probably because I already have the pattern she wants to make some palazzo pants.

Now I know it's no coincidence  that when these coupons come out everything is always on sale so you can't use it because it has to be regular price item.

So on my wish list  now currently is
A new cutting mat -it was on sale 40% not in the budget still this week
Ginger 5 in tailor points - they never have them
Sleeve board
Button hole spacer- they don't care it
Wonder clips
And some other things I can't find my list right now
I'm always waiting for a coupon so by the end of the year I should have my list checked off

After searching for something to buy I ended up with mccall patterns, and I figured this will just be it today no coupon usage for me
I'm headed to the checkout and I see wonder clips!! I frantacilly search for a sale sign don't see it
Regular price is 32.99 so I do the math 60% this will do!! I go to check out and I get my wonder clips for 12.95!! Can you say happy happy

Is it strange that little things like this makes me happy!!

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