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McCall's 2447 Better Late than Never...Birthday present finished View D

Hey guys!

So if you recall, I had decided to make a shirt for my husband for his birthday. But after reading David Coffins shirt making book I realized I needed to wait and order some supplies. I ordered from his list of essential or picked up in the store 
glass head pins- Joann's
100% cotton embroidery thread -ordered Madeira Tanne Size 50-Sewing Supply Warehouse
rolled hem foot 1/8 in-Sewing Supply Warehouse 
straight stitch foot -Sewing Supply Warehouse

He list other essentials for shirt making in the book, I still would like to purchase
 A felling foot
Sleeve board 
Gingers 5in Tailors Point

So these items are listed along with my other sewing room wish list. Waiting of course for the perfect coupon.

I will be first to admit that David Coffin book has a lot of information to take in, and I can not just grasp everything and move right into shirtmaking, so I decided to just and improve as I go along.
So when making this shirt, because I have tried before and fail miserable, I started with the chapter on fittings, patterns, draping etc. And the first step he listed for fitting was finding a yoke that fits. 

I grabbed my Mccall 2447 and I stuck it to my husband back, and it fit. Which is amazing in itself because my husband has a wide back!! So I figured I would not be too disappointed, I took the other pattern pieces and I draped it on him and it seem to fit. I moved right along to making the shirt. 

I purchased the nook version of David book, and unfortunately I don't seem to be able to print the pages. He has several great diagrams that I needed and wanted to hang on my wall, but since I didn't feel like going back to my screen reading and going back forth, I decided to proceed with the instructions for Mccall 2447. Which I most say these instructions were not good at all. So bad that I got on the computer and prayed that someone had made this shirt and wrote about. I came across the blog Line of Selvage

Talk about a life saver, he really really helped me get through this shirt, I ended up making some of the mistakes he wrote about which I'm going to contribute to the poor instructions. The instructions also had a tremendous amount of hand sewing. I did not do any.

The only thing that didn't fit once I was finished was the very top button near the collar had to be eliminated because the neck wasnt wide enough to close. I have to figure out how to get around this because this is also an issue sometimes in his store bought shirts.

I give myself a B- on this project plenty of mistakes and things I will need to improve but its wearable and it looks nice.
I give these instructions a D-
I will talk about the constructions issue in a different post.

Final Photos Below-View D

McCall 2447 View D Front

Mccall 2447 View D

McCall 2447 View D

McCalls 2447 View D


  1. I stumbled on your blog when I was looking for pattern 2447 reviews (I'm making a vest for my hubby). I love that shirt! That paisley fabric is gorgeous, very subtle and manly. Great work!


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