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Turtle Neck...Mock Neck...who knows Vogue 8939

Its been a while, since I blog....
Life is funny how you have everything planned out and a curve ball gets thrown in here or there so everything changes...
My birthday big plans...I had to toss so maybe next year. BUT it is still my birthday month so the plan is to make a post a day..we shall see!

This month I want to focus on getting over the fear of my serger
and to complete the online serger class.

While I have not been blogging I have done some sewing here an there, mainly volunteering to test PDF file patterns, I'm not going to go back and review the patterns I tested but...any futures ones I will write about...

So moving right along to Vogue 8939, came across this pattern through Erica B.'s - D.I.Y. Style!

This issue I had with this pattern, was sizing...and being a newbie I don't understand how to I asked for some assistance from Sew Crafty Chemist on how to make the adjustments...

Size wise, I needed to be a

So I did the best drawing I could and cut the pattern out and sewed it up, it does fit. But it still needs to be hemmed, I will be reading up more on pattern adjustments, and butt adjustments.

My failed attempt of adjusting a pattern

I was trying to color the line 

What I ended up with 

The fabric I used was one of those I love this, I have to make something with it.. So you buy it to rush home and go through all your patterns to find one and then it becomes,
I think its cute...
is it cute???

Vogue 8939

Side note: The neck band was kinda tight I have been playing with it would I keep it tall, or fold it over... I kept thinking is thing going to fit over my head...
                                                               Fabric Knit remnant Hancock

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