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Read, READ...READ....or CUT CUT OOOOPS..... MCCALL7016

Happy February 2!

When McCall 7016 came out I knew I wanted it, I had seen similar Calvin Klein dresses in the store, but I could never find my size.

So I was pretty excited when I started cutting this pattern and skimming the instructions it was pretty simple.

I have had this fabric since last February and I have seen several people make things from it, so I figured I would go ahead and use it.

My initial plans was to make the collar in faux leather and sleeves, but I didn't think the faux leather was going to lay right, nor did I have any sew in interfacing.

Cutting the pattern went smoothly, I started to pin the pieces together to start sewing, and one of the front pieces PIECE 6, was not right. So I looked at the photo and I'm thinking pattern piece face up, fabric right side down...WHY DOESN'T THIS FIT, it had the arm part facing the neck instead of back piece. So what do I do I turn the pattern piece face down and I cut it again!!

I go back and it still doesn't fit!!! So I jump on the computer to see if the instructions are just wrong no complaints from anyone, so I decide Im just going to just cut it on the right side of the fabric. Pattern piece face up and it WORKED!!

So after I completed the dress (minus hem) I call my daughter and I'm telling her read these instructions....and I pause...
The 6 has a * by it, so I open up the instructions to see what the star * indicates and as clear as day it says open fabric and cut on the right side.

So now I have two faux leather front bodices scraps!! 

It pays to read read and read!!! 
First time working with Faux leather
What I really liked in this dress was my topstitching. It  may be small achievements to some but I love it

McCall 7016


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