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Adventures of Sparkles.. My floor length cowl neck beauty

I think this weekend is my sew anniversary..Its been 1 year since I started sewing. I'm sure of it because my husbands birthday was before mine and I recall saying I wasn't getting him anything .
 He then furnished my sewing room and purchased my sewing machine. So I came home and jumped on the computer and expedited the shipping of his gift.... 

In June I purchased a serger and it has sat and sat. I was scared of it! So yesterday I forced myself to use. What is the worse that can happen I mess up my fabric... Just more reasons to buy more!

It went well for the first time. I tried to use 
the tape/elastic foot that part didn't go so well.

But I'm happy I tried  it so this post will be full of photos 


This was me trying to stabilize my shoulder seams, yea I didnt do that right so I will have to research that

Setting in sleeves

I watched a video on  Pattern Review, that I have skipped over the last year about setting in a sleeves, It was a video that I guess came with part of the subscription. After watching this clip I wanted to see more of the video, and I found out the video is called ( 10 Clever Techniques To Help you Sew Like a Pro- Sarah Veblem) who knew it could be so easy, and the material is suppose to be even at the top.... I just thought it was extra material when mine would overlap so I would cut the long piece off 

My pieces match up!!! YAY

Finished Sleeve..Very close to perfect!

Finished Product McCall 6612 View D with Sleeves

Hard to capture the shimmer in the fabric but I love this material! 


  1. Cute dress and happy sew anniversary, may your second year of sewing be full of perfectly made garments and let you conquer that serger :)

  2. Ah! I love it!!!! I want one! :) The long view without sleeves. I want it bad!

    Happy sewing anniversary!!!!!


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