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A evening of cutting, one week later AND Still no sewing

So last Sunday I was sitting and thinking and reflecting on some things, and I was thinking that this year I wouldn't get my husband anything for his birthday...due to funds!

And it dawned on me that I sew so why not make him a nice dress shirt. So I went and grabbed McCalls 2447 that I had cut out over the summer and I cut out some fabric and I figured I would knock this shirt out Sunday night and Monday and it would be done for his birthday Tuesday!

Well as of now, the pattern sits because I don't have the tools I need. I picked up David Coffins , Shirtmaking- Developing Skills Fine Sewing

I ended up getting the kindle version. Because I wanted the book right away. I also didn't know you could download a kindle reader on your PC and smart phones.

I think I will also the video to help my grasp some of the concepts better.
Upon reading the first few chapters, I realized that my approach to making this shirt would be different this time, for one David recommends bleached muslin for interfacing, and I had in my failed previous attempts used fusible interfacing, I believe I will try this fusible interfacing by Sewing Supply in the future but for now, I will stick with the muslin to see how it works. He also recommends 100% cotton mercerized machine embroidery thread which none of my local stores carry so I will be ordering. And because of this shirts sits cut up and ready to be sewed once my items come in.

After going through some of my husband dress shirts, and paying attention to the cuffs, I'm noticing quite a few of his cuffs the interfacing does not hold up very well. And these dress shirts are not cheap, but craftsmanship is questionable.

For this next project with this shirt I think I will take my time with it, I really want to learn how to sew a man's dress shirt and make it look like a million bucks!

Which takes me to my next question, I know when learning to sew its easy to become overwhelm with different techniques and styles. Do you change your techniques based on what other people are doing, or do you continue what you have learned because it works well for you?

I myself am tending to lead towards develop a skill and technique and sticking to it...Is this good or bad?

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  1. I never stop honing my skills ...that said I use what works until I run across a technique that sounds or looks more efficient than mine or may correct an issue that I may not have quite figured out. sewing is about the journey and if the journey is not fun that will be reflected in that final garment.



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