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2014 In Review

Well this year went so fast I have learned so much! And have a ton more to learn...

But as I think of the things I'm proud of 2014, Getting back to sewing is one of the best things that happen for me this year!

Who would have thought at the close of 2014, I can say I can

  1. Sew in a straight line, lol I no longer watch the needle lol
  2. I can cut a pattern/fabric without lifting my scissors off the table
  3. I'm not using my seam ripper every three stitches
  4. I know how to use a rotary cutter and the list can go on and on
  5. I even test three paper pdf patterns who would have thought it 

But looking forward to 2015, I want to explore and explode with more sewing, learning more skills etc so my must accomplish for the year are:
  1. I need to learn my serger, Im taking a class now but it still scares me! I must finish my seams in January 2015
  2. I made it February in celebration of my birthday
  3. I will make blazers and pants
  4. I also want to recreate some of my favorite photos, we shall see!!
  5. I will blog more...

Well until next time

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