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I got a taste for MUSTARD..... YELLOW that is !!! Where Art Thou???

Why did you start sewing???

For me its because I always have ideals but can never find the item in my price range, or my size. So this bring me to my current issue.... I want some wide leg pants, in a mustard yellow fabric to go with this top I plan to make... But I'm not sure what fabric I should get for it...

I want these pants, or similar

I found this online, fabric says crepe
Also referred to as marigold

What about this from vogue Fabrics?

What type of fabric should I be searching for??? Help 


  1. I made some wideleg pants out of a stretch crepe they are hot pink and I absolutely love them! I ordered my fabric from but that was years ago. I have recently ordered crepe from and they have some lovely crepe. Crepe is actually one of my favorite fabrics to work with but they can be expensive. I'll send you some pictures of my pants so you can judge for yourself.

  2. Thank you I'll be waiting to see


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