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When all else fails improvise!! Simplicity 1355 LOVE is in the air!

Happy Saturday

This will be a post in split in two.

I started sewing in February and was seeing the Love print fabric floating around, and I wanted some but never got around to ordering any. While in Hancock on the value yard table they had some, 3 yards with some flaws. So I grabbed thinking I was going to make a cardigan or something. I picked up this colorful fabric for FranChesca.

She decided she wanted a jumper and picked out Simplicity 1355 seemed easily but she wanted  a solid color she went into our stash and grabbed all black. I was thinking it was somewhat bland, I told her she could have the Love fabric and I would keep the colorful one. DEAL!

Fast Fwd
She only wanted the top in Love, fine I had some yardage of all black ity knit so I cut out the pants barely. Well reading those instructions on how to assembly the pants didn't make any sense to me, they wanted you to sew it at the crotch before adding pockets.
After fumbling with that material I couldn't figure it out so I tossed it. Got up the next day back to Hancock, the all black fabric I wanted couldn't afford. So back home we go, I thought I have just enough fabric to cut out either front or back in all black jersey knit at the house, and then we will have to use LOVE for one front or back. So back to the sewing room I go. It dawned on me that Mimi G did a sew along for this pattern.
Mimi G Simplicity 1355
I found it, and was able to finish the pants and the outfit. 

Bumps in the road

  • I cut a hole in it while trimming the seams
  • stitched it together
  • no bias tape never used it before, messed that up a few times
  • toss fabric because I had skimped on the material
What I learned

  • Read the package for material before cutting
  • Make sure I have enough fabric first
  • Construction
  • Regardless of the instructions it is easier for me too
  • Add the pockets first
  • Then sew front to back
  • One inside out, into the other sew the crotch all the way up and be on my merrily way!
  • Learning more of the concept of bias, binding how to find the bias etc
Here are the photos of construction, she wanted elastic around the ankles so I cut off about 2 inches, the is View A bottom, with View C top


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