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Make a Garment a Month Challenge - September in the making

Good Evening 

I signed up for the Make a Garment a Month Challenge, Challenge Information, because I like to be challenges lol! So I found this Vogue pattern in JoAnn's fabric and I said this would be great for me.
It looks a little strange, a cape like turtle neck garment, but for me it works! 

Because you see IM ALWAYS COLD, I have two shawls in my cubicle at work, and I can't ride in the car with the AC on to long, no matter how hot it is. So I figured this garment would be great for me in the winter time, I don't have to bother about having my shawl at work because IM WEARING IT!

So my pattern is cut out, now just got to get the fabric cut out, and sew sew sew.....
                                                 This will be my first Vogue Pattern


  1. After seeing your lovely jumpsuit, I have every confidence this will be a stunning garment as well :)

  2. I love the fabric! Pink is my favorite color so love that pop! I can't wait to see this!


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