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Unisex? One size fits most! One size fits none

Good Evening all!!

First not sewing related but 2 weeks left and I will be done with school!!! So I will be able to spend more time in my sewing cave.

Soooooooooooo I was working on New Look 6232 for my husband, and I had cut out the pattern fabric and was sewing had yoke/back/arms/front together and I went down stairs and asked him to try it! Yea that project came to an abrupt stop. So I stormed back to my cave, and I pulled out one of his shirts and disassembled it and found out yeah it was just not the right size. 

This Unisex sizing sucks. And I can't say if its just a bad pattern because I'm not a 54 in chest, and this shirt didn't fit me well either. This post is just about pictures and comparing. This project has reaffirm my feelings that unisex and one size fits all very rare maybe for a smaller person. I think this pattern runs small or maybe just not plus friendly.

When I had high hopes

Wanted contrast on the collar and cuffs 

 It was starting to form

After disassembling the shirt comparing it to the pattern

The back piece

The yoke

Front piece

But the arm not to far off

Now this part is what made the project a successful learning experience

The instruction to doing the placket really was not good for a newbie in my opinion it just didn't make sense so I took to youtube and found Michael Coates, think he is called the sewing Guru and his instructions was very simple. And I followed well sort of because he said they two were suppose to be mirrored images and of course I did wrong so I had to seam rip one out and do it again. LOL
But check out my placket!!! You would have thought I won a million dollars I was so happy. 

 My first placket and second placket attempt

I have found another pattern McCall 2447 and I believe this one will be a winner! I measured one piece the front against the husband's current shirt (or rather disassembled shirt) And it appears to be the right sizing.

I think Im going to cut this pattern out measure etc, then sew something else. My last two projects did not go as plan.

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  1. Hey Kely Sews! I hate it when projects don't go as planned. But what I love it that you don't give up and that's good! And that placket ummm the you did a great job honey! I am enjoying reading about your sewing journey. Keep up the good work I can't wait to see what you make next!


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