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Fabulous Find Weekend! Patterns and Fabric

Good Evening

Thank Goodness the work day has come to an end. Well I haven't done any sewing this past week. Just learning this serger, I will say its a little intimidating but I'm learning, upper looper lower upper, differential feed blah blah! LOL feel like I'm in school but I'm investing the time now to learn it so when I use regularly I won't run into too many hiccups.

I don't get to walk until January! But I am done!!!
This last semester has been the hardest I had to pick up another full time job plus school. I was ready to call it quits! But I made it.

Moving on to my weekend Finds.... I didn't get to use my sewing allowance like I normally do this weekend because my daughter headed back to school so you know what that means. But I did pick up some things. I grabbed Mimi G new Simplicity pattern, I wasn't sure about the dress one but for .99 cents I had to support. But I cant wait to make the pants.

 My pattern haul from this past weekend!! No more patterns no more patterns!! Although I was told that there is a Joann's going out of business where my sister in law lives so one more exception! Then no more patterns

  Haul from prior weekend from Hancock I love this cream fabric, and I thought this print was nice on the other one I got this from the 3.95 table

All the way FROM!!!

Lastly I wanted some African fabric etc so I called my hair braider, she is from Africa and visits and receives care packages, and I sent her a photo and said I need fabric like this. Well would you believe while we were texting she was in New York so she brought me some home!!
I'm so elated!!!!!

This one is my favorite!!

Thats my weekend wrap up for NOW! I have too much fabric a lot of ideas, just need to get to working on it!!
Until Next time Sew On!

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  1. Congrats on finishing school! You got a lot of patterns and great fabric! You will be busy for a while ;-) I can't wait to see what you make!


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