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Mission aborted! Fabric did WHAT!!

Good Evening All!

So I spent some time yesterday, cutting out the fabric for my daughters pants. As I was cutting I thought this fabric frays easily, but we will make it work. And I can tell you this fabric WAS beautiful to me! I made sure I had enough left over for me something.

Before I CUT, I was in love!!!

Well I did test run on this fabric playing with my tensions, last night and this fabric basically fall apart so its back to the drawing board. I got it at Joann's on clearance I believe, so the rest of the fabric maybe I can make her a scarf, but as for as a garment, it is a no go!

Maybe if you were sewing for someone you didn't like... hehehe!!

Wardrobe malfunction....

So its back to the drawing board


  1. Good gracious. This fabric would fray if you looked at. It's not long for this world, just put it out of its misery.

  2. So sad! This is some beautiful fabric. It seems as if it needs to be underlined or some type of fusible backing.

  3. Yea sad but I just threw it away last night. lesson learned i think next time in the store I will check the fabric


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