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Inspiration Meets Reality! Burda say what?? Burda 6938 Pants with pockets

Hello All 

This will be a long post which I will try to make short. First I copy an inspirational pant picture from a Style Watch magazine a co worker had. People Style Watch March 2014, Sorry for the large photo but its the pants on right corner called Slim Shady Pants, for $395.00. So the way my daughter's tuition is set up, this was way out of my price range. So I found some fabric and a burda pattern and thought you can DO THIS

So I grabbed 6938 and my fabric and begun to cut. Now I quickly realized I was short on fabric based on the envelope but I thought I will make it work. I cut everything out, just to realize as I stood their with two pieces to my waistband! It was to be cut on the fold one piece!! So found enough space left to recut it.

This was my first Burda pattern so I kept flipping the pages looking for the instructions to realize it was very brief. I followed the instructions okay. The pockets were confusing at first until I looked again to see that they had the little key showing if it was the right side or other side I was connecting. What gave me the headache was the steps 8-10. The WAIST BAND!!! 

 I used stabilizer for the button holes
Jacked up waist band

Trying to figure out how many rolls of elastic was going in and how they expected me to close the seam back was confusing. And apparently I marked the buttonhole wrong because the hole was suppose to be in the middle row but my pants it ended on the bottom row.
Another thing I thought the bottom of the pants where elastic but based on the instruction it just a turn over hem. Which I guess is fine, truthfully after I wrestled with the elastic in the waist band I didn't want to see anymore elastic.

Now below is a photo on the package that shows material needed, Now after reading it a million times, Im assuming its telling me I need a 3/8 elastic and a 3/4 draw string elastic or maybe not?

Final photos


So the elastic in the waist band is jacked up to say the least, but it is wearable and I love the way the material fill. so I will be hemming these pants and wearing them like I spent $395.00. If a person is looking that close to my waist band they may just have a problem. I guess I wil study the instructions again to figure out how to do the waistband correctly. But for my first pants WITH POCKETS! Im very very happy.

I styled it with a shirt that I had around the house, never worn I picked up last summer. I think when I wear it I want a peplum top so we shall see. I was working on a she made it, for August but I don't think I will have enough outfits done so Im pushing it out to September.

So any tips for the waistband construction would be greatly appreciated, I guess now that I see the right size I needed I will be better the next time. I still don't understand how you are suppose to close the seam if  you open it to slide the elastic through.

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  1. Hey Kely Sews! I think the pants turned out great even though it was a struggle! I would love to see how they look on! Great Job! The pocket is lovely! You Did That! Sorry I don't have any helpful advice on the waistband. :-/ Keep up the great work!


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