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Houston We may have a problem? Fabric Stashing.. My Woman's Cave aka Sewing Room

Hello All!!      

    I started sewing in February of this year, and really enjoy the process. I have a small sewing room/office that I use. I try to stay neat and organized, or rather clean up my mess very quickly.
I was blessed to get the sewing machine I wanted and essentials from husband, here are a few pictures of my space....As you all know I recently added my serger


 I forget about the patterns, We went to Joann's earlier this week, and my husband asked me how many patterns did I told him............Well, if you add 1, carry the 5, x 2, ummm 30! My daughter screams no its a lot! I think I have over 150 patterns I will not buy any more patterns I don't think..... No that's right I will NOT, buy any more patterns Until September.


And with the many facebook sewing groups and blogs, I have been able to save money on supplies and fabric. But I'm very FEARFUL, that I will become a Fabric Hoarder. Sometimes its to hard to walk away from gorgeous fabric. I think about it, and think about it, and when no one is looking I buy. Sneak it in the house up the stairs, and because of this I have THIS!! 

My cutting table cubbies are filled with fabric as well

Now remember its only been 6 months, well not even 6 months yet.


My goal is to really kick up and sew down my stash. I joined the Summer Stash Busting challenge, and as long as I don't look at fabric I will not buy anymore until the end of the Challenger. Wish me luck!! One eye open, fingers crossed.

My question for the day would be how large is your fabric stash, Is it out of control? Taking in more than you push out, or is it just right? Any tips or suggestions to keep it under control?
Fabric hoarders anonymous??


  1. Right now my stash consists of six pieces. Family staying with us have taken over my sewing space, so I haven't been able to sew for months. The last purchase I made was online and I loved it. Got to stay away from those online sites or my stash will grow before I can begin sewing again. Not sure how I'll organize my stash once I get my space back. Maybe some shelves. I'd like to be able to see it all at a glance.

  2. Yea those online stores will get you every time. I have been looking at the emails and selecting delete because I know if I go to the website my cart will be full.

  3. Well, I can't help you very much as I am sitting with two boxes next to me. I really need to purchase 2-3 pieces for necessary outfits right now. The closet is filled and the file cabinet is full. We just have to take time away from fabric purchases for a while. I tried not purchasing if it will not fit into the file, but the online sales keep me in trouble.

  4. I am a hoarder on the fabric level - I sew a lot, buy a lot and look at far too many websites. I did just get burned with an online fabric purchase from Amazon - a company called LA Linen sold me fake....yes fake silk dupioni. Yes I called them on it as I know Cary Bradshaw knows shoes. They will give me a refund if I take down the negative review. Ummm as of today I have not opted for the refund and am still thinking that I will just be burned but I need to let my sewing family know with that negative review that this is not the store for you. Your thoughts


  5. I don't think I will take down the review
    Sounds like people need to be made aware
    Did they take the item off the website completely??


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