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Fabulous Find Weekend! One for the record books!

Good Evening ALL!

              Can I tell you how excited I am even though its Monday, and its my heaviest work day. Maybe I'm still on my high from my Joann's sale haul. You know the 70% notion sale. YES that one, I was so upset that I missed the 50% off notion sale they had a few weeks ago. So I made sure I made this, and I was very nervous checking out when she said total was 150.00, I looked at my husband like oh no. But she scanned the coupon and it came to a whooping 48.00!!!
I almost fainted....So with that and my other purchase, I spent about 75.00, in the store which was my budget.

I'm working this week on two projects one for my husband and daughter. If I could ever figure this wearing ease thing out. I guess I should pick up this Thread sewing guide to see if it explains. I keep looking at the pattern and walking away. So any tips on how to figure out wearing ease, design, and making adjustments I would be very much appreciate it!!

First haul

Second set of items

Hopefully I will have two finish projects this week.New Look 6191


 and New Look 6232                     


  1. YAY!!! You went!

    I have that ham and seam roll! You will love them and wonder how you ever sewed without them!

    you got so many goodies!!!!!!

    How's the pants sewing going?

  2. everything is cut out just debating if I want to start tonight or wait.
    This fabric she chose, is so pretty but it looks like it might fray easily. So now I'm scared. So I think I will play around with some scraps of the fabric before I start sewing it

  3. You got some really good items! I can't wait to see how the two pieces turn out! Good luck I know you will do a great job!


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