Documenting my sewing adventures, and the ins and outs of learning to adjust patterns for a perfect fit.

Vintage Contest-1970 Groovy Baby McCalls 3013..Can you dig it??

Happy Monday

                  I entered a sewing contest on Here . I knew I wanted something different, and unique so I went searching on Etsy. I found quite a few choices and I narrowed it down, and my husband helped me pick the winner. I checked ebay and I found one, in a plus size for a very reasonable price so I grabbed it up.
                  It took me three weeks to decide on fabric, and I was going to order line but I was afraid I wouldn't like so I stayed local and I got the skirt fabric from Joann's and the jumper fabric from hancock. And I used coupons at both so the price was very reasonable. (Yes, I waited to the last week of this month to sew this garment)

I didn't run into to many problems while sewing, but some of the notions listed I was confused. It said a neck zipper, and I couldn't determine if that meant invisible or none. So I went with the standard. Now that I think about it if it was invisible it probably would have said it. The pattern came cut already so some pieces were cut to short or missing a tiny piece so I filled that in with scrap paper.

The part that gave me the hardest time was the collar!! It just wouldn't lay right.


 I took it completely off, then I realized a piece was missing of the pattern so my upper and lower collar wouldn't match up. I recut ithe upper and bottom collar, and started over, the second time it worked very well. 
I realized that I sewed it using a basting stitch length, so I went back over the stitches.
I originally wanted to do a blind hem stitch on the jumper, but couldn't get it to work right (newbie problems) So I turned it over and continued. When I got to the skirt, it required a blind hem. So I tried it again, and a few adjustments it came out perfect. So I went back to the jumper and did a blind hem. I absolutely love this outfit! And look forward to wearing it soon.

Skills learned:

  • blind hem stitch/machine
  • darts/ back and breast
  • insert elastic, casing
  • pleats both sides of the skirt



  1. Yes!!!! I can dig it!!!! OMGosh...I LOVE this! It's so different and so...VINTAGE! You persevered and it paid off! Nice work!


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