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Fabulous Find Weekend


Hello All
          I have been holding on to this coupon that I got from Charming Charlie, in May for a sale that started June. Well I got to use it yesterday. I have a love and hate relationship with Charming Charlie. I love the variety, but I get overwhelmed with so many choices. So I build my cart with probably over $300.00 worth of stuff, then I saw more items I wanted. My budget was $80.00.

          So I went and emptied my cart, went back to the front of the store, and picked one color to focus on, and just got items from that collection. You guessed it ORANGE, in celebration of the return of my favorite series. So next time I go in I will do the same pick one color, to focus on for the day and thats it. Once I build my accessory collection I will pick here and there, but for now focusing on one color at at a time.
         Earlier this week I picked up a nice rotary cutter, from Joann with my 40% off coupon. They have a sale coming up called Firefly Frenzy, June 8-14. With two 50% off coupons, on their flyer. I think I will purchase some nice gingher shears during this time. With purchase of $50 or more, you get a coupon for 30% off the following week. They know how to keep a sista hooked.
                    Without a further delay pictures from my recent shopping trip.

Side note: I'm searching on craigslist for another dress form. I found one waiting on a call to see if it is still available.If I can get it this weekend, it will be another Fabulous Find.

The blue necklace was with the orange  items so I got it, it goes with the zig zag bracelet

The Ring is my favorite!

I love this rotary cutter, scissors are great but this cutter cuts so well, Im in heaven.


  1. I am also a fan of the Orange is the new black series! Netflix sent me an email on Friday when it was up and I immediately started watching LOL! I love your new strategy for shopping Charming Charlies very smart! Enjoy your Sunday!

  2. Thanks, I have only watched one episode this season but I'm so excited...


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