Documenting my sewing adventures, and the ins and outs of learning to adjust patterns for a perfect fit.

My first project-Simplicity 2314

   My first project that I created, was back in February, and I followed Mimi G, Sewing 101 learn to sew tutorial. It is free, and very informative. I would recommend all newbies, to check it out! PLUS its free, and you cant beat that.
   With this being my first project it was far from perfect, I even wanted to quit. Some of the mishaps I had were:

  • not keeping my hand down with cutting, so my pieces were a little uneven
  • cut the lining to short luckily my daughter help me rearrange the fabric so that I could get two more pieces out of the fabric
  •  ironing the interface on the wrong side. Big mistake which caused caked up mess on my Rowenta iron. My iron that I had just purchased, so I quickly was introduced to Rowenta soleplate cleaner. 
  • did not cut along enough piece for the waist band
  • my zipper wasn't completely on correctly
But beside all the mishaps I had my daughter loved her skirt, and wore it to school very proudly. And she is a freshman and high school, so you know if it was good enough for her to wear to school it couldn't have been to bad. I used my seam ripper so much I think I started taking it to work to me. Thinking it could solve all my problems. Sorta like those staples commercials with the easy button. I think I still got great satisfaction being able to say I Kely, completed this project.
 From start to finish this project took me about 5 days.
The tutorial is broken down in segments, and technically one could get through them all in one day. Mimi takes the time to walk through so much information about patterns, the different notations, cutting etc I think its better to take it one day at a time, so you can absorb all the information she is teaching you.

The material for this pattern I bought at my local Joann Fabrics, along with the all the other items needed to complete the tutorial.
The tutorial can be found here


  1. Welcome to the sewing world. The skirt is cute and I like the color of the fabric you selected. After a long absence, I've started back sewing. I think I'm going to check out Mimi G's Sewing 101 tutorial for a refresher.

  2. Thanks Im excited to learn all that there is in the sewing world... :) Happy Sewing

  3. Its definitely satisfying to complete a project. Mistakes are just an opportunity to learn. It turned out great!

  4. Thanks very much!! I'm taking the mistakes, in stride... at least they make for an entertaining story

  5. Congratz and Welcome to the dark side!!!! Your skirt looks great! Keep at it. Mimi is great!! There is a strange love we have for this craft "let alone clothes"! Enjoy it as we all do and Welcome again!!!


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