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Mimi G T-Shirt Maxi Dress...We did it!! Sorta Kinda....

     Its MONDAY!!!  Don't know about you guys, but my Monday's are always busy at work, by the time I get home..I'm ready to turn in.. lights out!!. But Today I'm chilling in my sewing room I'm going through my sewing patterns looking for something to make for Easter, and figure I'll take a break since I'm so indecisive and do a post about Mimi G Maxi dress tutorial found HERE!

   My daughter wanted to sew something this weekend, but by the time we got home from the craft store, we realized we didn't have her right size. So we took a trip back to craft store, and the pattern wasn't on sale, and frugal-newbie I am, I said um noooo! We will wait for it to go back on sale and we left the store. I remembered once we got home, I had still had these Mimi G tutorials I hadn't created yet. The only problem was.... NO CRAFT PAPER...NO BROWN PAPER BAG! so we searched the house for news paper, and piece them together to trace the pattern.

  I kinda just assisted my daughter with this pattern, sewed were she got stuck etc, corrected her trace lines etc. The one thing I would suggest that we didn't was use a new T-shirt that fits nicely, that has been washed. My daughter grabbed a shirt that fit well sorta but had been stretched our measurements were a little off...

NOW do know this was my daughter project, so when she said she wanted the maxi to come to her ankles, I thought.. this KID is crazy but I said SURE if that's what you want, after we measured....and sewed it she says to me... I feel like I'm flooding!! you know how your pants can be to short.... I just smiled and nod, and told her the dress was fine...its at the ankle as you requested.

Problems while sewing
  • attaching the binding
  • hemming
I did get to use my double needle, because we decided to hem it with the double needle which we did WRONG! but by the time I realized I had sewed the wrong side it was to late, my zigzag is on the good side lol!! But since its white thread, I said forget it let be!

AND NO the tutorial doesn't require a double stitch step...
here is the jacked up hem lol

My daughter loves the dress, and she wasn't concern with matching stripes. When we do this project again, we will redo the pattern we created, and go to the floor length wise LIKE Mommy suggested

Finish photos


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