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Fabulous Finds Weekend :)

    I did a lot of shopping this weekend, mainly because I have been waiting on the Joann's daffodil sale 50% of clearance fabric. I have waited 3 months for this sale, the sale started today and I was happy with my Fabulous Finds!. Now locally, we have 1 Hancock Fabrics and a ton, of Joann's. But the clearance department is always different. I had plan on going to 6 stores, but only did 3 stores. Mainly because my budget for fabric, I blew lol...and I was tired. But I have everything I need to make my daughter and I summer wardrobe! And even picked up a few fabric pieces for the mister. My shopping started on Friday which was clearly a sign that I would be spending a lot of $$$$

         I made the mistake of going into Hancock Fabric on Friday night, big mistake lol, I came across a table that had fabric for 3.95 a yard, and lets just say I went crazy... as you can see! I did pick up 3 kwik sew patterns and a thread magazine. I felt bad for all the people who were waiting at the counting corner behind me, since I had so much fabric to be measured, I had the rep, stop working with me and take care of those who were waiting. 

              Saturday- I finally got a chance to stop into Home depot, and get some clear storage bins, and some craft paper (well its called builders paper) so I can stop trying to piece together old newspaper when attempting a self drafted pattern. I came across a picture of a large tote, where wooden dowel and I thought I would try to recreate, it wasn't looking good so I just grabbed the clear containers, and my builders paper and came home. Sometimes simple is better, and less of a headache. I cant remember the website where the original photos was taken...but I'm posting the photo with the disclaimer! it is not my photo
What I wanted it to look like 

What I ended up with

YAAAAAY finally craft paper

I did come across a blog, that had some interesting ways to store fabric click  HERE

Here are my Fabulous Finds, from today from Joann's DAFFODIL sale fabric wise. I did pick some elastic and McCall patterns on sale 5 for 7

 I also stopped by my local goodwill and picked up quite a few items all for $12.00. And although my pockets are a little deflated I'm very happy with all my purchases this weekend. 

NOW I just need someone to come and cut out all these patterns, any takers??


  1. Wow, great fabric you got there! I'm also going to Jo-Ann's. I've been waiting on their 50% off sale. Happy sewing!

  2. I hope you find some great deals!!

  3. You've got a great start on fabrics and notions. Enjoy the experience of sewing!

  4. Thank you, Im so excited, especially to share the experience with my daughter


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