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Fabulous Finds Fridays

Well, seeing its Easter Sunday, and not Friday this post is a little late...But you know how life gets in the way sometimes. Now that I have had a chance to sit down and relax..Im updating the blog.

Fridays- Are my half days at work. I consider, it my few hours of just me time. I normally will hit up the craft stores, or rummage sales for some FABULOUS FINDS!

Normally I end up going to Joann Fabric, and Tuesday Morning, I love these two stores. But two weeks ago I ended up in the new Hobby Lobby by my job. I was highly disappointed, their pattern file cabinets,were stuck so I couldn't find any patterns... So I went next door to Charming Charlie, and fell in love with two purses, and a jewelry set. I didn't make the purchase that day, but the following day my husband came in tote with the items...ELATED!!!  I really love the handle on the purse with animal print. And adore the clasp on the smaller purse.

This past Fabulous Find Friday, I went to TJ Maxx, and Joann's, I grabbed a Steve Madden purse from TJ Max, and out of Joann's I picked up a book that I had been eyeing with my 50% off coupon Pants for Real People, and also some .50 cent ribbon, and a 6.00 piece of remnant fabric, that I plan to use to make a pencil skirt. And the coveted Burda 7065, to make one of Mimi G's latest tutorial.

I love Fabulous Finds Fridays... its the one day, that I focus on me, and my hobby! Some Fridays I make a purchase, other times its just skimming the aisles..

How do you squeeze in time for yourself?


  1. that clutch is the business forreal!...We have a Charming Charlie here too but I've never gone in...I guess I had better get on in there huh? picked some cool stuff! :)

  2. Thanks! Christy..Charming Charlie is very nice it can be overwhelming because its so much stuff... So I tell myself before I go in just looking for something because I could easily spend $200 every time I go in there..


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