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Kentucky Derby themed.... And we are off to the races McCall's 7467

Welcome to March

Where did February go... geeze I will admit I did not get around to do anything I planned for the month of February, life just got in the way. I got sick the week of my birthday, my mom was sick it just wasn't the best month.

I am refocusing now, I think I want to focus more on Spring/Summer looks for the next couple of months. I still plan to do my craftsy classes on jacket making and pants. I also want to reorganize my sewing space/area.

Moving right along, for the last 4 years I have volunteered at my daughter's school annual auction/dinner. This is our last year, bittersweet.
Each year they have different themes, this year was Kentucky Derby. I was super excited because I always love the fashion from the Kentucky Derby and of course it reminds me of Pretty Woman. So I was more than thrill to be able to create a dress for the event. I went through my patterns and decided on McCall's 7467 View D. I used some fabric I had purchased last year for my birthday dress. Clearly I never made. See something about me and my birthday never works out as plan.

The dress itself was an easy sew, my fabric was a little thinner than I would have liked, but I just made sure I wore a black slip (yes still wear those) under it and it worked out fine.

The fabric is beautiful, purchased from Fabric Mart

I made view D, however the collar was made to fold over, and it didn't sit right to me, the pattern didn't call for interfacing and I didn't want to worry about it being all out of whack during the event, my fabric was to soft, so I ended up making a facing from the collar and sewing it down. It looked okay to me.

Besides changes to the collar, I kept everything the same, I did peg it a little at the bottom maybe half a inch.

Well until next time Sew on!

McCall's 7467 in progress

McCall's View D Original neckline

McCall's 7467 Front View

McCall's 7467

 Don't ask what I was doing with my hands 

Ode to the Hat 

February Plans

Happy Hump Day
 Image result for February

It's February 1st, my birthday month and my sewing anniversary month.Image result for sewing machine cartoon
I was thinking of doing a Me Made for the month but have decided to focus on completing two of my craftsy courses. One is a blazer course and the other is a pant's course. 

I have shied away from both for a while but really want get into making blazers and pants. I have not been able to find a blazer in the store that fits due to my larger arms or rather biceps and my bust. Pants are hard to find also because of my butt. So those are my two goals for this month.
My Sew Anniversary goals this year
  • Is to finally start using my cover stitch machine
  • Find better ways to use my serger functions
  • Sew more wovens/
  • Improve on fitting
  • Maybe MAYBE just MAYBE sew for others

Well until next time Sew On

Plaid Girl McCall's 7432

Happy Sunday

It seems sorta strange not watching football today! Sigh, well anyways I decided I wanted to make something quick today. I have a project I was working on yesterday but I had to put it to the side, to rework some things.

So I grabbed this plaid fabric I bought from, last year and pulled out McCall's 7432,

 I wanted View B, but for whatever reason I thought it was the length of F. I wanted a floor length dress.
However fabric restraints I had to settle for View B. I have a  big container of scraps and  floor container overflowing, so I decided to go scrap diving. I still have some sheer knit left over from a dress I made for my daughter, so I grabbed McCall's 7430 sleeves.

The dress was a easy sew, it is part of the learn to sew series. My V neck is not perfect but it works.
Funny thing with this dress I wanted my side seams to match, and I thought once I cut it it did but No.. DARN DARN DARN

However my sleeves match, and from the sides, my sleeves match up to the front and back so I will give myself 5 points lol. I'm still going to wear it proud like the side seams match.

Until next time Sew on...

McCall's 7430 Sleeves
Look they match

McCall's 7432 Front View 

View B

McCall's 7432 Back View 

View B

McCall's 7432 Side View 

View B

McCall's View B Side View 

McCall's View B Front Neckline View

McCall's View B 

Neck line Close Up

Floral and Black lattice McCall's 7430

Well the Packers lost 😭
Glad I decided to make a dress today. I have the idea of a Me Made for the month of February. So I've started making things. We shall see how far I get. God knows I have enough fabric and patterns to make it happen.

Moving right along, I decided for McCall's 7430 I wanted view B neckline and hem and I wanted view D sleeves which was two parts.

The adjustments I made to this pattern were cut upper 18 and graded to 22 hips
I did have to do a full bicep adjustment which I did not want to, but I knew a 18 arm would be to small. I was a bit confused because D sleeve is two pieces and I kept looking at the bottom piece wondering where to cut it for the cap spread. But I realized I didn't have to cut it for the sleeve cap because it was already cut in two pieces. Yay me so I was able to cut the middle of both pieces spread a part tape down the added make sure the ends lined up and I was done.
I did redraw the cap height however after measuring it up to my shoulder I determine it wasn't needed.

The hem I didn't think would work out but it does curve like in the photo. It was a pretty easy sew and I believe I will make it again. I liked how it doesn't take a lot of fabric to make.

Well 1 out of 28 items needed for next month is completed ✅

Until next time

Sew on.......

McCall's 7430 cutting layout 

minus the contrast pieces

McCall's 7430 in progress

McCall's 7430 Complete Front View

McCall's 7430 close up of contrast pieces 

View D used View A Neckline

McCall's 7430 Side View Sleeves

McCall's 7430 back View

McCall's 7430 View A hem it curves

McCall's 7430 closeup of hem

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