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Speckle love Simplicity 8469

Happy Saturday

So I may have ordered some fabric last night and honestly I really don't need anymore. Today when the emails came I just deleted didn't even open them up.

My last two orders have been from Fabric Mart.... Their sales be so good tho. Next year I want to focus on mixing the fabric love ❤️. So I want to either visit or make a purchase from the following places and if you know of any I should check out drop a comment with the name.
Style Makers Fabric
Stone Mountain Fabrics
Cali Fabrics
Emma One Sock - ordered once
Mood Fabric
La Finch Fabric - ordered once
Metro Textiles - New York
Gorgeous Fabrics
Textile Discount Fabric - Chicago
Promenade Fine Fabric - ordered once

Now moving right along I picked up this Simplicity for View C and D. The short jacket and the vest.
I really liked the shoulder on the vest.Image result for simplicity 8469

I used this double knit I got from Fabric Mart last year I think. I didn't like the feel of it for a dress but knew it would be fine as a cardigan. Well I guess technically this may not be considered a cardigan but just roll with it.

The directions were pretty straightforward. I cut a size 18. I did not grade up for the hips like I normally do. Now the pattern pieces only have the bust measurements so I had to measure the flat pieces for the waist and the hips. I think I checked the measurements a lot and it seemed that a 18 would be fine.

I love the pattern although the facing on the sleeve didn't go as easy as I hoped. Also once the sleeve was faced or rather arm hole the off the shoulder part that I liked about this pattern seemed to have been minimize.

I also had to hand sew on the snaps. First time for that. I thought I was making great speed until I realized I had mixed the top and the bottoms on one side and I was installing them wrong. Lol 😂

Right now I'm focusing on building my wardrobe. So for the next week or so I will be making cardigans. I had so much focus on Fall but the weather is Summer Summer so I have clothes that can't come out to play for now.

Well until next time Sew on

Simplicity 8469 View C Front Detail w/Snaps

Simplicity 8469 View C Front Detail w/Snaps

Simplicity 8469 View C Pockets

Simplicity 8469 View C Back View

Simplicity 8469 View C Closed

Simplicity 8469 View C 

The End

Don't Go Chasing Water Falls. ....... Vogue 9268 View B

Happy Sunday

The Packers won!!! Yay....  Now back to sewing... I picked up this pattern I believe it was last week, at Joann's during the Vogue sale. I liked the cascade side. Now even though I liked the design I wasn't sure if it would work for my body, I'm bottom heavy and I tend to not to like to wear anything that makes me look wider than I am. But I figured what do I have to lose lets go for it.

I knew I wanted View B, long, nothing short hitting above or below the knee, do the volume on the sides. I had some fabric I had ordered from Fabric Mart, over the summer. I purchased 8 yards of this Chartreuse Poly/Lycra. Why did I purchase 8 yards, well I thought I would start sewing for profit, and I wanted enough for myself a dress and enough to make one to sale. Well I haven't started sewing for profit, not sure if I will. This pattern requires 5 yards of fabric, and I thought this color would look marvelous in this design.

The pattern pieces are huge though, and my old table was not wide enough so I sat it aside until the new table came. Even with that large surface, some of the pattern hung off the table. I had to pull the cutting mat off the table, and maneuver to cut the bottom. I refused to cut it on the floor and it worked.

The only downside of this pattern even though, its only three main pieces, you have to cut them one by one, so its feel like its taking forever. I would love to make this again, but it will be a day when I have wine in my hand and I feel like cutting.

There was a typo on the image in the instructions when you open the pattern instructions, view B is marked as view A. So I had to make sure I circle the view I was making not to confuse. and of course since we are cutting them on a single layer, remember to flip flip. There is a clip you make on the bottom of the hem, they don't line up when you sew the bottom pieces together, but my dots, for the hem lined up so I was fine.

One thing I loved about this pattern was no need to do a full bicep adjustment, that rarely ever happen for me. I know I wanted a shorter sleeve do to my being bottom heavy, and the color I wanted something to break up the dress from top to bottom, so a little skin helps, I cut off 7 inches off the sleeves. I didnt want them as short as view A.
The facing for the neckline was nice, although I would love to see it with just a v neck. It's not deep so that's great, work appropriate. The drape on the dress is lovely. I look forward to wearing it this fall.

I cut an XL.

Well that's it for now....

Vogue 9268 View B Front View

Vogue 9268 View B Drape View

Vogue 9268 View B 

V neck

Vogue 9268 View B Back View,

 wet spot is from me cleaning something I wasted :(

Vogue 9268 View B Side View

Shoulder action for the Fall- Sew Sew Def Batwing Dress 1012

Happy Saturday All

Stopping by for a quick review. I picked up the Sew Sew Def latest edition, September/October. I wanted the PDF dress pattern. I love it. The online magazine editions are 9.99.  I felt that wasn't to bad for a PDF pattern. Yes I bought the edition specifically for the pattern. Erica Bunker is on the cover, and she has an article about matching plaids/and interview. I will get around to reading it although I think the tips are similar to ones I have read before.

The pattern itself is just 3 pieces. I was excited to get it printed at the print shop, until I got there and they said it was two pages. It was going to be 20.00 dollars. I decided not to get it printed, and just printed the pages out at work. (please don't tell lol) I don't really like putting pdf patterns together, unless I'm in the mood. I do like the PDF patterns where you just match the symbols and tape.

This pattern you cut certain sides, and tape it together. They do put little scissors were to cut so that was nice. The pattern gives you an option to cut on a fold or center back seam. I prefer back in two pieces, do to my swayback.

What I thought sucked on this pattern was the 1/4 seam allowance. That gives little room for error or adjustments I think. It went together fairly smoothly the neckband made me pause for a second but I got it.

I cut the XL, and graded to a XXL for the hips. I wasn't planning on making this weekend, but as I was organizing my fabric I came across this fabric I bought last summer or fall. It's popular in ready made clothing"Po Boy Fabric". And so I sat it aside because I didn't want the same type of dress that everybody was wearing at the time.

The fabric is very stretchy, and not opaque I didn't line it because I plan to wear a slip under it.

I plan to make it again a few times in a heavier knit. This is my first time putting snaps in, it went well. I pegged this from the hips down. I'm heavy on the bottom and I don't like the straight wide look. I will make the adjustments to the pattern, but this time I altered the dress while on. I think I took off about 2-3 inches off.

Well that's it for now.

Batwing Dress #1012 Mimi G Off Shoulder Look

Batwing Dress #1012 Mimi G On Shoulder Look

Batwing Dress #1012 Mimi G 

She did those snaps not perfect

Batwing Dress #1012 Mimi G 

Side View

Oh yea I finally upgraded my my cutting table. I picked up 2 crafting tables from Wayfair. I pushed them together to get the surface I wanted. I wouldn't mind adding a third one. But FED EX left the boxes downstairs, and these things were a beast getting up the stairs alone. Single woman problems. I refuse to go through that pain alone. But I like that the cutting table surface is made up of smaller tables, easier to move.

Extremely heavy boxes, leaning table in the back

All done

Starting to fill in the cubbies

Transitioning Summer Blouse to a Fall Look McCalls 7601

Happy Tuesday

So I sewed up this blouse yesterday to go under my McCall's peplum cardigan. I made View A. It's a pretty easy sew. However the neck tie to the bodice threw me for a loop. I had to set the instructions aside. Because the diagram was throwing me. I just pinned it on the mannequin and it made sense.

I like the inside. My serger is on the fritz again, so I had to use my scissors, for the inside. I like it.

I believe this top transition well into the Fall. The cardigan is is scuba knit which is hot, so having a sleeveless blouse works for me. Both fabrics are from Joann's Fabric Store.

To see a video of these two check out my

Well that's it for now....

Oh I broke down and ordered my new cutting table so I'm super excited about that. My current table is leaning the wheels are bent, dont ask me how.. its not sturdy at all. And I refuse to cut on the floor again.

McCalls 7601 View A

McCalls 7601 View A Inside

McCall 7601 View A inside 

Back View

McCall 7601 View A Bow tie maybe?

McCall 7601 View A 

Just tied

McCalls 6844 Peplum With McCalls 7601 Option A

McCalls 6844 Peplum With McCalls 7601 Option B

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